When Self Care Becomes Selfish

It is one of our WORST fears. We never want to focus so much on ourselves that our loved ones suffer.

And then it happens anyway….

We spend so much time avoiding self care because we just don’t have the time for it that we wind up irritable, with less energy, less patience, less passion, more brain fog, more pain, more tears, fewer kind words, less gratitude and the list goes on….

What if instead of being a brave warrior masking your pain and charging through your days, WHAT IF…you actually did it. Not talked about it or just wished for it. Actually took time EACH day to breathe deeper. To acknowledge your feelings in a constructive way, to make a healthier food choice more often and YES to incorporate aromatherapy DAILY….

What IF self care really wasn’t about you at all? It’s about your husband who would love to see you more vibrant and passionate.  What if it were about your son who misses that hardy uncontrollable laugh you give him? Your daughter who is watching mommy do EVERYTHING for EVERYONE even though she is unhappy doing it?  What about that student who needs you to be PRESENT with them during your study session? If you are in business, it’s that client who only gets about 60% of your creativity? What if it were about the waitress who caught you on the WRONG day…what if…..

Self-care is only selfish when you DON’T take the time to practice it. You are NOT the only one who suffers.

So try this instead. Instead of being proud of how you “don’t bother” anyone with your food “restrictions”, or how you “push through your pain and no one knows” or how “you are just sooo busy and have so many important things to do that, you don’t have time for that self care stuff. How about instead of all of that, you take care of yourself so you have more to give, so you show up as the best version of you more often, and so you stay around much longer. We need you, your family needs you ALIVE, VIBRANT and HERE.

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