"I wanted an emotional support program that told me the truth and gave me space to balance emotions and break through barriers, with room to change and grow . . . without all the self-hatred. I wanted it to feel like coming home to a warm hug. So, I created it"

"I wanted an emotional support program that told me the truth, gave me space to balance emotions and break through barriers. Giving me room to change and grow . . . without all the self-hatred. I wanted it to feel like coming home to a warm hug. So, I created it"

Renèe A. Hughes, CA, CNHC, EOS

As a Certified Professional Aromatherapist, I wanted to build programs that would profoundly impact my students’ lives and create ripple effects throughout their communities. I wanted them to be able to live up to their potential and remove the barriers to their ability to connect to others fully.

I’ve achieved this through  our signature program The Mood Makeover Method. This program is an emotional detox and nourish system that helps our members connect to themselves and those they love in a more meaningful way. Rebuilding trust, love and forgiveness.

The Aromaspecialists is also the home of Holistic Champions school of Aromatherapy & Practice Building. Our students are certified as Aromatherapist and learn how to build a heart-centered, joyful coaching business using unique signature offers and clear, magnetic messaging. The result is a thrilling coach business that is a recongized and sought after brand.

The Aromaspecialist™ provides a safe space and guidance for emotional regulation and mental clarity. Through our programs, students discover how to remove the barriers to finding fulfilment and make room to enjoy the most important parts of life, increasing their emotional vibrancy and embodying calm in these turbulent times.

Join hundreds of coaches and business owners who have made their lives happier, their moods more vibrant, their relationships more connected, and their businesses more impactful. 

Discover which program is right for you.

Our Powerhouse Team

Renèe Hughes

Renée is a Certified Professional Aromatherapist, Certified Natural Health Consultant, Holistic Coach Mentor and Founder of the Aromaspecialists®. As the Holistic Champions Lead Instructor, she helps coaches transform what they believed to be possible, revealing a life and career that is deeply satisfying and rewarding. She also helps members of her other program, The Mood Makeover Method, to reconnect with themselves, repair relationships with loved ones and restore the ability to forgive and love like never before.

Lackesha Gayle

As Business and Operations Manager, Lac takes care of overall business operations to make sure the office runs smoothly and supports with strategy for our programs along with the CEO. She also takes care of our students, and client collaborations. Adding so much love and intention with everything that she does. Multi-talented she also serves are our web developer and tech superstar. She is a champion and cheerleader for the entire team, members, and students.

Charo Lumag

Char is our Content and Resources Manager and provides expert administrative and creative support for The Aromaspecialists. She helps to keep us organized and keeps track of our leads. Her work ethic is unmatched and she adds such joy and proficiency to the team.

Keosha Jones

Mood Makeover and Holistic Champion Assistant Instructor. Keosha is naturally gifted at productivity and making everything seem fun and easy. She excels at everything she touches and helps our members do the same.

Dania Sanon

Mood Makeover Assistant Coach, Dania is an aromatherapist and passionate hormonal health coach. She helps our program members balance their hormones while learning to balance their mood.

Nikita Williams

Holistic Champion Assistant Instructor, Nikita is a rockstar business coach. She is a genius at helping our students live up to their potential and sail through the course with a great strategy for their business.

NM Charles

Mood Makeover Assistant Coach, Namalie is an essential oils specialist and Hormonal Health Coach. She helps our Mood Makeover Program members identify and correct hormonal imbalances affecting their mood.

LeeApril Burton

Holistic Champion Case Study Manager, April loves all things essential oils chemistry. She helps our students navigate through their case studies so that they and their participants have the best experience and outcome.

Clayre Reyes

Holistic Case Study Manager Manager, Clayre helps our students complete their case studies expertly by providing blending and essential oil tips to help the participants get excellent results.

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