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Randy and I have an extremely exciting, blessed and productive life. Spirituality is of utmost importance to us and we spend most of our days and nights working on spiritual endeavors it leads to a rich and meaningful life. We have a deep love for one another that while not perfect satisfies us to our very souls. We travel frequently, we divide our life between 2 countries, and we are passionate about our secular and volunteer work. We love our family, friends and communities. We LOVE music and great television shows with a real story line and quotable characters. Our favorite time…. is quiet time when we can be alone and recharge!

Well, now I want to tell you a little about my journey to becoming a holistic practitioner. As far back as I can remember I suffered with nausea, weakness, dizziness. I mean sick as a dog, feel like you have food poisoning stomach issues. To make matters worse when I was around 12 I began womanhood as my period started and oh yes I spent that first week in the bathroom SICK. I’ve spent a lot of time lethargic and in pain and for years I never really had a diagnosis or reason for what was happening to me. My parents took me to doctor after to doctor and the conclusion was i was a nervous child and thats why the stomach issues and the period issues???…. well that was just “normal”.¬†

When I was around 19 a good friend and mentor introduced me to the wonderful world of herbal remedies and life began to change. I learned that a lot of what i was feeling was connected to how i was eating and living. How I needed to move my body differently, sleep differently, work differently, play differently, eat differently and “treat” my symptoms differently. It took me a couple of years to really GET IT but once I got it I became an all things natural hobbyist.

In 2013 I decided to turn that hobby into a career and I entered the world of wellness for my secular work. Since then I’ve been certified as a natural health coach and now specialize in Aromatherapy. It is a dream come true to support other chronic sufferers. I now know that my life of discomfort is NOTHING absolutely nothing compared to what many in this community face. You deserve better options, and now you have one!

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