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renee hughes, the aromaspecialist enjoying nature

About me professionally 🙂

I am a nationally recognized certified professional Aromatherapist and member of the governing body of Aromatherapy NAHA (National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy). I’m also a certified holistic health consultant. My focus in practice and education is reducing the effects of chronic physical and emotional pain.

About me personally 🙂

I am a creative, passionate,  introvert of rare proportions. It sounds like a weird combination and it probably is 😂 but I’ve come to appreciate all the intricacies of who I am. 

Interesting fact about introverts is that we cherish deep connections. I use that part of my personality to stand out as a coach. I offer love and support at a level most have never experienced or at least thats what people tell me😀. Its a gift and honor to have the ability to connect with other humans at that level.

I teach self care a little differently than you may be used to. You won’t hear a lot of “do you” in my coaching. Instead the  instruction comes from a place of love for yourself and for others. You will find a unique balance here rarely investigated in todays world.

What does that balance look like? Well,  I find as we go through life sometimes we land on all the things that make us imperfect and we kind of wallow in that space. I learned a better option is to be brave enough to make the adjustments that we can make and wise enough to relish in all the things that make us ‘wonderfully made’.

My intention for you as you enter this program is to give you the tools to make those changes and the influence to recognize, appreciate and relish all the intricacies that are YOU!

Renèe Hughes

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