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Renèe Hughes is the visionary co-founder of Seven Figure Profit™, a pioneering advisory firm dedicated to guiding entrepreneurs who find themselves caught in the paradox of high revenue but low satisfaction—what Renèe defines as being “7-figure poor.” This term captures the unique predicament of business leaders who achieve the elusive milestone of generating million-dollar revenues yet struggle with insufficient profit, limited time freedom, and unfulfilled personal relationships.


With a sharp focus on the holistic well-being of her clients, Renèe combines her extensive background in communications and messaging strategy, with a deep understanding of personal development, to create tailored solutions that address both the financial and human aspects of running a successful enterprise. At Seven Figure Profit, Renèe and her team work closely with clients to recalibrate their operational strategies, ensuring that financial success is aligned with quality-of-life improvements.


Renèe’s approach is rooted in the belief that true wealth encompasses more than just financial abundance—it includes having the time and freedom to pursue life’s true purpose and nurture meaningful relationships. Part of how Renèe and her team help is by conducting thorough reviews of messaging and business practices to identify areas where clients can make smarter decisions. This focused operational oversight helps businesses not only increase their bottom line, but also ensures that their financial gains translate into real-world profits and enhanced personal satisfaction.


Through her expert guidance, Renèe empowers business leaders to reshape their companies into entities that not only prosper financially, but also contribute positively to their owners’ lives, ensuring that their business achievements are no longer at odds with personal satisfaction.

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