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Leading the Aromatherapy Industry with Captivating Speaking and Business Advancement

Renèe Hughes, a distinguished Certified Professional Aromatherapist and Certified Natural Health Consultant, has established herself as a trusted authority in the field. As the founder of The Aromaspecialists, Renèe empowers fellow Aromatherapists to elevate their businesses through captivating speaking.

Renèe’s expertise and credibility have garnered attention from prominent media outlets. Renowned publications such as Architectural Digest, Peppermint Wellness, and Black Enterprise have featured her valuable insights and contributions. Her international school, Holistic Champions, has achieved acclaim for its groundbreaking approach to business and performance.

With a passion for creating impactful transformations, Renèe assists her clients in mastering the art of speaking and content creation.

Aromatherapy Speaking Topics

Our internal messaging system-how to wire it for a joyful life

Why "self medicating" with essential oils is dangerous

How to use aromatherapy and aroma tapping to battle depression and trauma

How to use essential oils with a chronic illness

Why aromatherapy users perform better professionally

What is Psycho-aromatherapy and how to use it to regulate the central nervous system

Business Mentoring Topics

How I went from 2k launches to 20k in 6 months

Why 90% of holistic practitioners are failing at business

Why most certified coaches are out of work or underpaid

How repairing personal relationships helps coaches attract more ideal clients

The Human Touch: Mastering AI to Personalize and Perfect the Art of Writing

From Anxiety to Abundance: Embracing the Beauty of Sales Conversations and Owning Your Worth with Grace

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