The Mood Makeover Method
Emotional Support for Talented Professionals Struggling to Sustain a Positive Mood

3-phase holistic approach for removing the chemical barriers to feelings of forgiveness, love and deep connection

The Mood Makeover Method

Emotional Support For Talented Professionals Struggling to Sustain a Positive Mood

3-Phase holistic approach for removing the chemical barriers to feelings of forgiveness, love and deep connection

Hello Friend!
I'm Renèe Hughes, Certified Professional Aromatherapist, and Your Guide to Emotional Release That Allows You to Feel Safe, Loved & Complete

I teach talented but energetically exhausted professionals how to remove the barriers to a deeply satisfying home life.  I’ve developed a unique 3-phase holistic program for emotional detox that leads to feelings of authentic energy and internal peace. This method removes the barriers to satisfying and deeply connected relationships. Students of this program say they laugh more and feel love more deeply than ever before!

Deep, Meaningful Connection

Marriage is such a miraculous and beautiful gift. This “one flesh” relationship can be the source of daily joy, inspiration and true partnership. Removing the barriers to communication, commitment and courtship leaves space to nourish this beautiful relationship resulting in peace, fulfillment and incredible joy. 

Embrace the Friendship of Your Family

Living with regret can feel like a daily bulldozer racing over your heart. What if  principled mindset coaching combined with shifting body chemistry with aromatherapy could change the way you feel? You’ll release guilt, anger and fear that may be holding you back from embracing friendship and love.

Time to repair, cleanse and love harder than you ever have before...

Have you ever had these thoughts or feelings?

Maybe you have a feeling that you just might need to shift some energy and work towards PERSONAL PEACE and CLARITY because everything and everyone is on your last nerve

…Or, you’ve been living on auto-pilot until LIFE FORCED YOU TO STOP in some way 

..Some RELATIONSHIPS come with more pain than peace and you are having trouble recognizing the difference

….Feeling LONELY even when surrounded by people because there is no real connection or anyone who really gets you

Whether We Know It Or Not, Toxic Emotions Linger In Our Body Causing Negative Thought Loops that block the ability to absorb the things we need for genuine repair

“I laugh longer and harder and feel emotionally connected to the laughter”

I chose the Mood Makeover Method because I realized I needed to detox emotionally to be my best self. This program has changed my mood in so many ways! I laugh longer, harder, and feel emotionally connected to the laughter. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I’m no longer afraid to be vulnerable and I can receive the feeling of being special

Keosha Jones

My 3-Phase Process to Remove the Barriers to Clarity, Personal Peace and Emotional Release

Aroma tapping

The chemistry of essential oils coupled with tapping helps the central nervous system balance, easing you between sympathetic and parasympathetic mode seamlessly. No more being stuck ready to fight, run or freeze for no reason.  You’ll feel utterly nourished from the inside out.  When that happens the emotional triggers greatly diminish and in some cases vanish.


Constricted breathing causes symptoms that range from restlessness to all-out panic. In our sessions I will help you practice and master therapeutic breathing so that your natural state is one of peace and clarity. These healthy breathing practices provide a tool that can be accessed at any time to create calm so that discussions remain productive and nourishing.

3 Core Principles

The 3 core principles we teach at Mood Makeover Method are:

  1. Perception equals peace – here we learn how the way we look at things can help us find joy in something or someone we had given up on- even if that person is ourselves
  2. Take the toxic out of the love – this principle is all about creating space to forgive, creating boundaries and re-connecting 
  3. Stop participating in the pain – this helps us to enforce boundaries and reduce emotional triggers

“Renee is an AMAZING & loving soul”

Honestly before I started working Renee, I was in CONSTANT pain. I was feeling completely defeated and overwhelmed with what I thought the rest of my life would be like. But then came Renèe. Let’s first say Renee is an amazing LOVING SOUL! She heard my concerns and helped me find what worked for me. I now go to the hospital and doctor less. I have healthy systems that work for me right at home on top of a better outlook and mindset while living with chronic illness.

Nikita Williams

Mindset Business Coach

The Mood Makeover Complete Personal Peace Program

One-To-One Sessions (Value: $1050)

You’ll have a SAFE SPACE where you can get mental clarity and release emotionally in privacy and comfort. 

This program does not leave you to video modules only

Our one-on-one sessions will be customized to your needs. I’ll teach you the right oils, dosages and application methods for your unique results. I’ll help you release tension and emotional stagnation that have been contributing to the stress and disconnect in your relationships. We will go deeper with aroma tapping and as you put in the work, you will begin to see feelings and habits change. 

Unlimited Access Tune-Up Sessions (Value: Priceless)

You’ll get to TUNE UP anytime you need as you will have UNLIMITED ACCESS to my private coaching chat room. Come and release, ask questions or talk through your current challenge. These tune-up sessions will be answered by me in 24 to 48 hours. This means you will have me in your back pocket for coaching in between our 1:1 sessions!

This program is TRULY TRANSFORMATIVE. With this method of coaching you will quickly feel unburdened and begin to shift your thinking, feelings and daily habits.

Video Library (Value: $750)

You’ll get unlimited access to our classroom. 

This classroom gives members early access to all my videos. You’ll find everything here from DIY household cleaners to immune support blends.

These videos are designed to feel cozy and intimate as you come in my home and make blends with me or listen to me teach about essential oils. You’ll also find motivational and inspiring talks in the classroom.

Best yet, this classroom is being updated regularly so you’ll always be getting fresh, up-to-date material not yet available to the public.

Weekly Group Coaching (Value:$2100)

These sessions are a blast! We laugh, cry and build each other up. Renèe and the Mood Makeover Method coaches lead these discussions and it is where you’ll experience significant breakthroughs in what habits and emotions are triggering in your relationships and how to repair along the way. Our program members report the healing of significantly damaged relationships in which, to their amazement, joy has been restored.  

Unlimited access to aromatherapy database (value: $767)

The database is a gold mine of information. In contains the therapeutic and energetic properties of HUNDREDS of essential oils as well as tips for how to use them safely. This database was created with professionals in mind, so it is a treasure of information to help you select a variety of essential oils and even create your own very effective blends.

7-Day Emotional Cleanse (Value: $367)

This is the perfect jump start to your program. Seven days of deep emotional and physical cleansing.

It contains many of the principles you’ll be using during our one-on-one sessions. 

A nice little side effect of this cleanse is that you may even find yourself at a healthier weight. It is a gut-cleansing, emotionally nourishing, mind-clearing 7 days.

"I'm no longer having panic attacks "
When I attended the free Mood Makeover Method workshop I couldn't stop crying, I knew I had to join this program. From the first session, I knew there was hope. I was having panic attacks regularly now I note when they are coming on and am able to control it and get back to balance quickly.

Total 6-month program value $5034

Personal Growth

6 Month Commitment
$ 367
  • Weekly Group Coaching
  • Weekly Voice Messaging Check-In
  • The 7-Day Emotional Cleanse
  • The 5 Essential Oils Masterclass
  • Unlimited access to aromatherapy database
  • Online Video Library
  • Journal Book
  • Access to private FB community

Complete Peace Program

Minimum 6-month commitment
$ 647
  • (6) 1:1 Sessions
  • Weekly Voice Messaging Check-in
  • Weekly Group Coaching
  • Unlimited access to aromatherapy database
  • 7-Day Emotional Cleanse
  • 5 Essential Oils Masterclass
  • Online Video Library
  • Journal Book
  • Access to private FB community

“This program has been life saver for me!”

Year 2020 was profound: Suddenly losing my husband (married close to 41 years) and taking an early retirement from my job. I was working on a digital marketing program as my side hustle. All these changes took an emotional toll on me…more than I imagined. I met Renee through Jason Winters. Renee helped me to see that there were emotional blocks that prevented me to move forward in my personal life therefore impede in growth of my business. I always been the caregiver, making sure others are accommodated but really I neglecting myself and not practicing what I preach! Now, using Renee’s techniques, I am practicing self care and I am motivating others to do the same!

Jennie Emory

Transformational Coach

“Slowly but for surely I’m realizing something new in me is emerging”

In our first group session of the month there were some things that came out that were truly profound. So much so that I saw myself back when I was a young girl feeling completely dejected by everyone, including my siblings. These past few days I have done lots of tapping, breath work, being mindful, and meditation the way Renèe Hughes teaches it. I must say I am so excited about being able to push through challenges even when I’m afraid to mess up. Slowly but for surely I’m realizing something new in me is emerging.

LeeApril Burton

Essential Oil Specialist

Here's Your Early Bird Bonus Bundle*:

*This bonus is only for those who purchase within the required time frame after the webinar/workshop closes. Contact our office for details

“I LOVE My Experience Now…I’m Better Able To Control My Depression”

Before working with Renèe I had a lot of anxiety. I felt stressed all the time and had negative thoughts about myself. In addition to that was significant arthritis pain. I LOVE my experience now. I have a lot less anxiety and I am better able to control my depression and negative thoughts. A nice and surprising side effect is that I’ve had a reduction in arthritis pain.

Mary Mongrut


Enjoy private sessions, and experience deep peace and the ability to feel totally alive

In the Mood Makeover Method program you will enjoy:

  • A soothing partnership with me and your coaches as we guide you through each emotionally boosting session
  • Coaching that feels like a spa for your brain and soul so that you can have the hard conversations and repair what’s broken
  • Step-by-step guidance as you discover what needs to be released during each session so that you have the ability to create that same safe space for your loved ones
  • Weekly Whatsapp messaging check-in so that you can experience “tune-ups” between sessions keeping you in a state of balance, peace and clarity
  • A safe space for you to get deeply connected to yourself and your loved ones. You will get consistent support for emotional growth and mental clarity as you remove negative habits and thinking patterns
“I Wanted To Build Better Wellness Habits…I Now Have Simple Routines To Nourish My Body And Help Rest My Mind”

I used to think self-care meant I had to go to the spa or on vacation. I was constantly looking for relief to my too-busy schedule and all of the demands on my time and energy. I wanted to build better wellness habits and I needed to have a simple, self-care routine to nourish my body and help rest my MIND. Renèe taught me how simple self-care can be. I’ve learned good habits that have helped me to relax my mind and BOOST my immune system. I have simple routines that I can follow and I know how to use aromatherapy to support my lifestyle and meet my goals.

Sydni Craig-Hart

CEO, Smart Simple Marketing

Now Is The Time To Invest In Yourself & Your Family

I know you are exhausted.  From every possible angle there is someone or something that needs your attention.

We are all feeling it in some way…

Until this moment you’ve always said you just don’t have time for self care. You viewed it as an “extra,” a luxury that you and your family couldn’t afford. Why? Well, there is just too much to do, no time. 

Here’s the thing:  your family does NEED you.  However, if you are in a toxic emotional state (and may not know it),  you are only a portion of who you could be. It is the reason your relationships are struggling and you’re in emotional pain. 

This program will help you provide MORE. More to yourself, more to your family, more to the more important things in life. 

Right now you are not showing up 100% because you can’t.

Listen, you have tried the occasional massage and “I’ll do it when things aren’t so crazy.” Has this method really worked for you? Do you feel any better? Do you feel more connected to yourself or to your loved ones?

You’ve tried eating your feelings.  You’ve tried to read the books and watch the endless video trainings or listen to a plethora of podcast. You’ve tried the pills and the diets, and nothing has worked the way you really need it to. 

This program will help you close the gap between what you know and what you actually practice. Revealing depth and love in your most cherished relationships

“I appreciate Renee’s assistance in regaining balance and meeting my wellness goals”

I am dealing with several health issues that were causing stress and being made worse by stress. This is not a great cycle. So I reached out to Reneè who gave practical advice and added tools to my almost empty SELF CARE TOOL BELT. I appreciate her assistance in regaining balance and meeting my wellness goals.


Registered Nurse

I Felt Pretty Much Invisible

I grew up feeling pretty much invisible. It wasn’t that I didn’t have people who loved me.  It was just that it didn’t always matter.

I still had this deep sense of worthlessness. In my mind I was the underwhelming middle kid with nothing to offer.  

I had not yet come to know me and so I didn’t understand that my quiet, observant nature was a gift and that I had many gifts that were hidden under the low self-esteem.

In time I learned those low feelings and stuck energy made me really sick. Terrible gut issues and mounting insecurities caused a vicious cycle of being unwell. 

I had the spiritual nourishment that I needed to be happy; the problem was that being unhealthy physically and emotionally there were barriers to fully absorbing that incredible nourishment. When those barriers were removed my genuine happiness SOARED!

Getting plants inside the body in a variety of ways nourishes the body and mind. Beautiful changes from the inside out!

“I Was Able To Remove Stuck Energy Faster And Show Up Better In My Business”​

I wanted to work with Renèe on some stuck energy I was having around my business. Renee really helped me to clear that energy much faster than typically happens. The addition of the oils makes a huge difference. Its wonderful to be able to go deeper and have it translate into my daily life such as SHOWING UP DIFFERENTLY with my team, being excited about my business and completing projects faster and with JOY!

Jason Winters

Certified EFT, Mindset, & Holistic Health Coach

Surviving vs. Thriving...

Life, as we knew it, has changed.  It’s going to continue to change. Not only the world around us, but who we are inside. Will you survive it all, or will you THRIVE?

In order to thrive with this changing world we need CLARITY.  A clear, focused mind to help us know when and how to pivot.  To help us thrive when the economy is up and down. To help our family thrive in the face of loss, challenge and change.

There is something about life changing suddenly and drastically that brings your soul to a grinding halt, left with the results of a busy life that did not involve self care, that did not include genuine connection. A body abused by toxic-laden foods, a mind poisoned with negative dialogue and self hatred. 

This Mood Makeover Method will remove the barriers so that you can recover, gain strength and rebound in a way you never could have imagined possible. Everyone who loves you will thank you for embarking on this incredible journey.


It can be as quickly as the first session. Everyone is different and progress will be a very personal journey.  The work has an accumulative effect. It works much like a healthy eating program results are seen based on effort, consistency and time. You will have all the tools you need to see results quickly and consistently.

You get 1 LIVE sessions with me in Zoom per month if your plan includes this. I’ll ask that you always be in a quiet and private space for our sessions. In your initial sessions we will map out 12 month, monthly and weekly goals. Each session I’ll be supporting you emotionally to reach those goals. Removing barriers, helping you get unstuck, boosting confidence and releasing toxic habits.

We use voice messaging on Whatsapp. If you do not have this app you’ll need to download it to your mobile device.
You get to choose 1 day to send messages to Renee each week. You send messages to check in only on this day as a check in. It can be as long as you need. Renee will then respond within 24 to 48 hours.

Unfortunately this is not an option at this time. GOOD NEWS is you and I will discuss your gift box during your first session and you will have a good idea of what it will include prior to receiving it. So, although changing suppliers for the gift box is not an option, if you have some input on the oils proposed for your box, we can discuss that during your first session. Once it has been received ,neither I nor the manufacturer can receive it back.



I am not licensed to diagnose, treat or prevent any illness. I am a nationally Certified Professional Aromatherapist and Natural Health Consultant. This means I do have training in anatomy and physiology as well as the chemistry of essential oils and how they interact with the body and certain medications. Some have indicated that they have more complete relief from clinical symptoms when incorporating my techniques. Please consult your doctor prior to beginning the program to ensure it is safe for you to use essential oils.

No. We encourage each individual in the family to get their own package since information discussed is confidential and cannot be shared with any other individual. In order for me to work with someone I would need their full history to properly support. Your program comes with unlimited access to me for questions and those will always be answered within 24 to 48 hours. However, if the information is actually for someone else it may not be the right answer for them. Each person is different and would need their own sessions for optimal benefit.

No. I include essential oils in The Mood Makeover Method because my clients and I have found profound results. Essential oils deepen the effect of other self-care modalities. However, if you do not wish to use essential oils in your program you will still benefit without the use of oils.

You have 2 options to choose from depending on the level of support you are looking for. Click here to see the options

You may stay on any of the programs for as long as you wish however the minimum amount of time for the Complete Peace program is 6 months.

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