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Let's Shift Your Emotional Energy, Cleanse, and Release Years of Toxic Build-Up With Aromatherapy Coaching


Hello Friend!
I'm Renèe Hughes, Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Natural Health Coach And Your Guide To Mental Clarity & Emotional Release

I teach busy professionals how to take back control of their emotional strength and boost their energy levels through aromatherapy, breathwork and aroma tapping. As a coach, I’ve developed a unique program that incorporates these energetic and sensory elements to provide guidance through emotional detox. The results are an increase in productivity, energy, happiness, stability, vibrance and mental clarity. 

When Your Body Says It is ENOUGH, It's Time To Listen

Does This Sound Familiar?

Maybe you have a feeling that you just might need to shift some energy and work towards PERSONAL PEACE and CLARITY.

…Or, you’ve been living on auto-pilot until LIFE FORCED YOU TO STOP in some way

…You’ve been experiencing foggy mornings because you can’t get to SLEEP or stay asleep at night

…You may struggle to make DEADLINES, procrastinating and losing clients

..Some RELATIONSHIPS come with more pain than peace and you are having trouble recognizing the difference

….Feeling LONELY even when surrounded by people because there is no real connection or anyone who really gets you

Whether We Know It Or Not, We Store Emotions And The Toxic Ones Need To Be Released

"Renèe Helped Me To Find The Right Stress Management Techniques....Better Outlook and Mindset While Living With Chronic Illness"

Let Peace Wash Over You

This coaching program gets results in all areas of life.
People typically come to me for relief ranging from managing a chronic illness, to dealing with sad moods, to having consistent anxiety and feelings of disconnect to reducing pain and inflammation.

Create A Safe Space For Emotional Release

This aromatherapy coaching program uniquely allows you to acknowledge what is toxic in your life, identify it, and over time release it..Leaving you with deep feelings of peace and connection to yourself and all around you.

Learn To Let Deep Gratitude Guide Your Daily Life​

When life isn't perfect and we have to navigate unexpected bumps in the road, gratitude keeps us steady. This coaching program helps to remove energetic stagnation and get mental clarity. This creates space for a pattern of gratitude.

Create And Nurture Meaningful Relationships With Real Friends

We are currently in a world where our friendships are virtual. But how meaningful are they? Do you still feel alone even when with friends? This program will help you reconnect with those who really love you and pivot with those who don't.

Gain The Mental Clarity To Dream Big

Mental clarity becomes impossible when internal energy is stagnant. The brain fog won't allow for goal setting, motivation or success. With time and practice my method of release brings mental clarity that will allow you to dream again and to succeed.

"She Taught Me How To Use Aromatherapy to Manage My Stress and Soothe My Pain"

My 3 Step Process To Clarity, Personal Peace and Emotional Release

Essential Oils

The chemistry of essential oils is responsible for the powerful results you will experience in your body and mind. You will have a library of blends for your specific needs, feelings and goals. As you change and grow we will continue to create new blends and methods of application. You’ll feel utterly nourished from the inside out. 


Constricted breathing causes symptoms that range from restlessness to all out panic. In our sessions I will help you practice and master therapeutic breathing so that your natural state is one of peace and clarity. This is a life changing tool that you can feel effects immediately. 

Aroma Tap

Tapping is like acupuncture with your fingers instead of needles. It allows you to self administer an amazing release of stuck energy from meridian points on the body. When you add the power of plants through essential oils the results are spectacular. These are results you can often feel right away and the benefit increases the more you do it!

Combine These 3 Processes And Experience BIG And LASTING Change In Thoughts & Habits

Reduce Anxiety

Create Positive Habits

Control Moods

" Renèe's Coaching Helped Me See Underlying Problems...She Reached A Deep Part Of Me With Her Teaching"

BONUS: Free Essential Oils & Supplies Bundle

I will personalize a gift bundle full of organic or wild harvested essential oils, carrier oils and a host of aromatic supplies just for you.

"I LOVE My Experience Now...I'm Better Able To Control My Depression"

A Partnership For Health & Mental Clarity

This program is for busy professionals who realize they need consistent self-care but are too busy, too stuck and too exhausted to do the work.

It is not uncommon to have a thriving career, doing important work, have an amazing family and yet feel incredibly empty, lonely and unproductive.

The weight of toxic habits and emotions can rob you of realizing your goals and feeling happy and content with who you are and who you know you will become. 

Emotional Release Allows The Real You To Show Up And Enjoy Your Blessings!

"Renèe's Personal Touch Is Appreciated....The Holistic Approach Helped Improve My Mood And Anxiety"

Enjoy Private Sessions, Experience Deep Peace And The Ability To Feel Totally Alive

In the Mental Clarity & Emotional Release program you will enjoy:

  • A soothing partnership with me as I guide you through each emotionally boosting session
  • LIVE sessions as well as recorded sessions using our voice messaging system
  • Coaching that feels like a spa for your brain and soul
  • Step by step guidance as you discover what needs to be released during each session
  • UNLIMITED access so that you can experience “tune-ups” between sessions keeping you in a state of balance, peace and clarity
  • A safe space for you to get deeply connected to yourself and your loved ones. You will get consistent support for emotional growth and mental clarity as you remove negative habits and thinking patterns

"I Wanted To Build Better Wellness Habits...I Now Have Simple Routines To Nourish My Body And Help Rest My Mind "

Customize Your Experience

Unlimited Access, Unlimited Possibilities

This program is fully customizable. Accomplish a different goal each month!
What do you want to accomplish first? Restorative sleep? Pain reduction? Stop emotional eating? Confidence to scale your business? Repair a relationship? Think of the possibilities that come with mental clarity and emotional release.

Get Some Sleep

We are designed to repair during our sleeping hours. If that repair cycle is constantly interrupted because you just cannot get to sleep or stay asleep, we got problems!

Imagine having surgery to repair a broken limb and right in the middle of the procedure your surgeon just stops, leaves things as they are and says “ill catch it up later” ummmm NO!

I work with my clients to get between 7-9 hours of sleep EVERY NIGHT. So that their organs are refreshed, their skin bounces back, their mind fires on all cylinders.

Reduce Physical & Emotional Pain

Pain, either physical or emotional can feel like fire through the body or a chilling ax. It can disturb your heart, your breathing and totally wreck your life. When you learn alternative ways to reduce pain and resolve some of the heartache, life renews and you will take back control.,

Repair A Relationship

Living with regret can feel like a daily bulldozer racing over your heart. What if  mindset coaching combined with shifting your body chemistry with essential oils and aroma tapping could make a difference? You’ll release guilt, anger and fear that may be holding you back from embracing friendship and love.

Stop Emotional Eating

Imagine being able to eat food without feeling guilty! Wouldn’t it be amazing to get control over your relationship with food. To get to a place where nourishment and satisfaction can co-exist. You can stop the roller coaster with lifestyle changes that reset your palate and your mind. 

Now Is The Time To Invest In Yourself & Your Family

I know you are exhausted.  From every possible angle there is someone or something that needs your attention.

We are all feeling it in some way…

Now is the time, while the world is quiet and we are mostly still at home.  Let’s work on how you will resurface, survive and thrive in the next phase of your life. 

Until this moment you’ve always said you just don’t have time for self care. You view it as an “extra”, a luxury that you and your family cannot afford. Why? Well there is just too much to do, no time. 

Here’s the thing:  your family does NEED you.  However if you are in in a toxic emotional state (and may not know it),  you are only a portion of who you could be. How does that help you or your family emotionally? How does it help them financially?How are they benefiting from you being a portion of who you really are?

This program will help you provide MORE. More to yourself, more to your family, more to the more important things in life. 

Right now you are not showing up 100% because you can’t.

Listen, you have tried the occasional massage and “I’ll do it when things aren’t so crazy”. Has this method really worked for you? Do you feel any better? Do you feel more connected to yourself or to your loved ones?

You’ve tried eating your feelings.  You’ve tried to read the books and watch the endless video trainings or listen to a plethora of podcast. You’ve tried the pills and the diets and nothing has worked the way you really need it to. 

This program will help you close the gap between what you know and what you actually practice.

You’ll enjoy the blessings of your life more naturally, you’ll eat better naturally, you will work and play harder and enjoy it. 

"I Now Feel Lighter In Spirit And Resting Better "

What's Included In The Mental Clarity & Emotional Release Program?

One To One Sessions

You will meet me in our voice messaging chat room, just you and me.

You’ll have a SAFE SPACE where you can get mental clarity and release emotionally in privacy and comfort. 

 One major thing missing in In the world of emotional of emotional support coaching of coaching is someone to actually talk to. THIS PROGRAM IS DIFFERENT. I am with you every step of the way during your transformation. 

This program does not leave you to video modules only.

I’ll teach you the right oils, dosages and application methods for your unique needs. I’ll help you release tension and emotional stagnation with therapeutic breathing. We will go deeper with aroma tapping and as you put in the work, you will begin to see habits change. 

Unlimited Access Tune Up Sessions

You’ll get to TUNE UP anytime you need as you will have UNLIMITED ACCESS to our private coaching chat room. Come and release, ask questions or talk through your current challenge. Those tune up sessions will be answered by me in 24 to 48 hours. This means you will have me in your back pocket for coaching in between our 1:1 sessions!

This program is TRULY TRANSFORMATIVE. With this method of coaching you will quickly feel unburdened and begin to shift your thinking, feelings and daily habits.

Video Library

You’ll get unlimited access to my Teachable Classroom. 

This classroom gives members early access to all my videos. You’ll find everything here from DIY household cleaners to immune support blends.

These videos are designed to feel cozy and intimate as you come in my home and make blends with me or listen to me teach about essential oils. You’ll also find motivational and inspiring talks in the classroom.

Best yet, this classroom is being updated regularly so you’ll always be getting fresh, up-to-date material not yet available to the public.


My program is based in science and practice. I’ve learned a lot about the human body and I’m constantly amazed at its design.  

You will learn the SCIENCE behind real aromatherapy and WHY you are feeling better. You can have confidence in this program because I personally developed it after years of education and personally conducting over 25 in depth case studies as well as helping dozens of clients transform using my method. 

The 7 Day Cleanse

This 7-Day Emotional Cleanse Is an EXCELLENT tool to add to your self care toolbelt. It contains many of the principles you are using during your sessions. It gives you a great visual along with a BREAKFAST>LUNCH>DINNER routine to keep you toxic free, emotionally and physically. 

A nice little side effect of this cleanse is that you may even find yourself at a healthier weight. It is a gut cleansing, emotionally nourishing, mind clearing 7 days.

" Regain Balance And Meeting My Wellness Goals"

The Program Also Includes A Getting Started Bundle

My Gift To You (Valued At up to $860)

15 Essential OIls

Therapeutic grade organic or wild harvested essential oils, as well as speciality blends for specific situational support. Both customized for your daily use.

You'll use these oils so often you'll wonder how you lived without them. You'll use these oils in your sessions but it won't stop there. You will also use them for everything from cleaning your home to self care, to cold and flu season. The list is literally endless!

1 Premium Diffuser

Beautiful design and ideal dispensing to fill any room with warmth and aromatic therapy.

5 Carrier Oils

Premium organic carrier oils to help distribute your essential oils safely while adding tremendous therapeutic effect.

4 Aromatic Inhalers

Inhalers are ideal to use for essential oil blends designed to shift energy and lift mood. You'll learn how to make and use these during your sessions.

2 Organic Butters

You will learn to use these butters in this program to create everything from non toxic beauty products to household cleaners.

24 Storage Containers

You'll need a variety of containers to store your new blends. Your gift bundle will include just what you need to get started.

"She Has A Genuine And Warm Interest In ME That I Love"

I Felt Pretty Much Invisible

I grew up feeling pretty much invisible. It wasn’t that I didn’t have people who loved me.  It was just that it didn’t always matter.

I still had this deep sense of worthlessness. In my mind I was the underwhelming middle kid with nothing to offer.  

I had not yet come to know me and so I didn’t understand that my quiet, observant nature was a gift and that i had many gifts that were hidden under the low self-esteem.

In time I learned those low feelings and stuck energy made me really sick. Terrible gut issues and mounting insecurities caused a vicious cycle of being unwell. 

Getting plants inside the body in a variety of ways nourishes the body and mind. You literally change from the inside out!

My Transformation ...

Before my lifestyle changes I would find myself falling asleep while driving.  I had little to no motivation. I was constantly nauseous and constipated.  My self-esteem was non existent.

Then I learned the power of eating and supplementing with plants. My world CHANGED. I found that when I applied what i learned i felt ALIVE, AWAKE, USEFUL. When I didn’t, i felt sick and invisible again.

When I began to cleanse from the inside I got to know and appreciate me, a proud introvert with many layers. Now I can recognize the need for improvement and pivot without self-hatred. I can now enjoy change and growth.

One of the beautiful things about getting clear on who you are is that you will no longer be afraid of change. 

"I Experienced Growth Both Personally And Professionally"

Will You Be One Of The Survivors?

Life has changed as we know it.  It’s going to continue to change. Not only the world around us but who we are inside. Will you be a survivor?

In order to survive and thrive with this changing world we need CLARITY.  A clear, focused mind to help us know when and how to pivot.  To help us thrive when the economy is up and down. To help our family thrive in the face of loss, challenge and change.

Will you survive? Will you thrive in the world to come?

Can you really afford to continue to be on an emotional autopilot? When life is on autopilot you may not realize that you’ve become completely disconnected from who you are and who you want to be.

Maybe it’s not until the changing world or your body forces you to STOP that you realize how deeply you need to heal. And for the first time in a long time you hear your body cry for release. 

There is something about life changing suddenly and drastically that brings your soul to a grinding halt, left with the results of a busy life that did not involve self care, that did not include genuine connection. A body abused by toxic laden foods, a mind poisoned with negative dialogue and self hatred. 

This mental clarity and emotional release program will give you the tools you will need to come full circle. It will support you to a space to recover, gain strength and rebound in a way you never could have imagined possible. 

"Helped Me Notice, Accept And Release Emotional Gunk And Limiting Beliefs"

Stand Steady In A World Of Crisis

Whether it’s the world being at a stand-still or your own body that gives you a wake up call, you can be equal to any challenge and use it to propel you to excellence. 

You will be that person you’ve always known was there but has just been buried so deep for so long.
Imagine waking up refreshed, feeling less pain, eating healthy naturally and being present in every aspect of your life. Your relationships will flourish, your career and business will scale up. Even when the world is in crisis, you’ll show up as one of the leaders, a survivor ready and able to THRIVE. 



It can be as quickly as the first session. Everyone is different and we cannot gauge exactly when you will see results.  The work has an accumulative effect. It works much like a healthy eating program results are seen based on effort, consistency and time. You will have all the tools you need to see results quickly and consistently.

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You get 1 LIVE session with me per month. We use a voice messaging service called VOXER. This allows us to speak to each other as if on a walkie talkie during your scheduled sessions. I’ll be right there with you in real time during your scheduled sessions. It is private and VERY effective, you’ll love it!

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We use a voice messaging service called VOXER. It is a free app that you download to your mobile device.  During our scheduled sessions I will be on Voxer LIVE with you. However, anytime you need to ask a question or get some guidance you can leave a message on our private Voxer feed and I will respond within 24 to 48 hours. That gives you unlimited access to ask questions, to vent and to get support in between sessions.

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YES. If you purchase the annual plan and decide to cancel, you will receive a refund of unused months up to 10 months. The first 2 months are not refunded. Due to the time, expertise and expense to get you properly set up and started on the program, we are unable to offer a refund for those first 2 months.


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Unfortunately this is not an option at this time. GOOD NEWS is you and I will discuss your gift box during your first session and you will have a good idea of what it will include prior to receiving it. So, although changing suppliers for the gift box is not an option, if you have some input on the oils proposed for your box, we can discuss that during your first session. Once it has been received ,neither I nor the manufacturer can receive it back.



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I am not licensed to diagnose, treat or prevent any illness. I am a nationally Certified Professional Aromatherapist and Natural Health Consultant. This means I do have training in anatomy and physiology as well as the chemistry of essential oils and how they interact with the body and certain medications. Some have indicated that they have more complete relief from clinical symptoms when incorporating my techniques. Please consult your doctor prior to beginning the program to ensure it is safe for you to use essential oils.

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We encourage each individual in the family to get their own package since information discussed is confidential and cannot be shared with any other individual. In order for me to work with someone I would need their full history to properly support. Your program comes with unlimited access to me for questions and those will always be answered within 24 to 48 hours. However, if the information is actually for someone else it may not be the right answer for them. Each person is different and would need their own sessions for optimal benefit.

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No. The essential oils, carrier oils and accessories that I give with the program are a gift to you for joining my program. You may use them, give them away or do whatever you would like with them. You do have the option of using whatever essential oils that you love as long as they are therapeutic grade, organic and/or wild harvested. They will work with this program.

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The Full Program is $3,958. We also have customized plans. Click here for a FREE discovery call.

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Great question! You are paying for your first month of service and your last month of service. This program is designed to be for 12 months. You’ll make a total of 12 payments However 2 of those payments are your initial investment.

I want you to give yourself enough time and care to really see OPTIMAL results. While you will feel release within your first few sessions, real and lasting change comes over time. Let’s work together for AT LEAST 2 full months so that if the need arises for you to cancel you are taking some solid self care tools with you! Additionally, the supplies in your gift box are worth more than the first 2 months of membership combined. So paying for the first 2 months up front is a great deal for you and ensures I am able to continue to provide the gift boxes!

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Yes. You may pay month to month at $350 and cancel at any time.

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"I Was Able To Remove Stuck Energy Faster And Show Up Better In My Business"

" I've Learned The Expansive Reach Of Essential Oils"

" I Have More Balanced Views"

"The Oil Blends Help Decrease Pain And Inflammation"

"I Have Learned Strategies To Cope With The Things Causing My Sleep And Focus Issues"

" I Feel Like There Is Hope"

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