What Are Essential Oils?

Your mom always told you to “EAT YOUR VEGGIES” Why? Well, we all know the answer to that. Vegetables contain vitamins, minerals “components” that enhance our health including improving digestion, preventing certain illnesses, giving us energy and stamina.

Just like our veggies and fruits come from plants, trees, and the ground so do their counterparts Essential Oils. Essential Oils are highly aromatic substances found in specialized cells of certain plants. Technically, when this substance is in the plant, it is called an “essence.”

Essential oils are derived in a variety of ways, the most popular of which is distillation. After distillation of a single type of plant, the aromatic substance is referred to as an essential oil. Essential oils may be used by plants for protection from predators, to attract pollinators, or for other unknown uses.

We benefit from these oils much like we benefit from a healthy diet full of a rainbow of vegetables. One important difference is essential oils are POTENT remedies and one 15ml bottle can easily contain hundreds of pounds of plant material. WOW…that’s right, so when we say a drop or two of these highly concentrated, therapeutic grade oils will take you a LONG way, we mean it.

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