How to get a deeper and sounder sleep

Hey, I’m Renee Hughes, Certified Professional Aromatherapist and Certified Natural Health Consultant and your guide to mental clarity and emotional release. And today we’re talking about sleep.

So we talk about sleep a lot. Why? Well, we are designed so that when we sleep, we repair, and in order for us to have optimal health, emotional and physical health, you have to get a good amount of sleep. So let me ask you how many hours of sleep do you typically get? And when you fall asleep, is it difficult to stay asleep? Is it difficult to fall asleep? When you wake up… This is a big, important question here…how do you feel? You still feel exhausted when you wake up? You feel like you haven’t slept at all? You find that you’re sleeping all through the day? There could be a lot of different reasons for that. And some of them are like sleep apnea or even allergies. There could be a lot of different reasons why you’re waking up feeling that way and I’ll have some of those up on the screen for you(see youtube video below). But the reason also could be emotional stress. And so we take this so lightly you guys, you know why, because we’re so used to it. How many times have you heard ‘it’s just stress’, but having that type of stress, that’s interrupting your sleep, will affect how you feel throughout the day. It’s gonna affect your mood. It’s gonna affect your ability to be motivated and it will affect your work. It’s gonna affect your performance and every part of your life. So we really do need to get to sleep and to stay asleep and to get good quality sleep so that when we wake up, we feel refreshed. We feel that we have been restored.

Okay. So let’s talk a little bit about three things that you can do to help with your sleep. Number one, what’s on your mind. So here’s the thing. When we get ready to go to bed at night, all the things that we’ve been pushing aside, and don’t have time to think about it because you are busy, but at night time, everything’s quiet. There’s nowhere to run. It all comes rushing back into your mind, into your heart, and you try to push it away. As you try, it’s still there and it can really disrupt your sleep. It can really cause you to toss and turn and make it very difficult to get to sleep. And even if you do get to sleep, you may wake up in the night, bad dreams, headaches, and just feel uneasy. Okay? So let’s try this about an hour or two before you get ready to go to bed.

Why not use this as a time to connect to someone, your spouse, your best friend, someone that you want to lift you up and encourage you, someone who always makes you feel good and really connect. with them.  And even if you don’t talk about the thing that’s on your mind and heart, just having that type of connection before you go to rest can put your mind at a little bit of an ease so that you’re not feeling like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulder. And you’re reminded that human connection can give you soothing and help you to relax a little bit. So think about having one of those deep conversations. There’s nothing like sitting there with your spouse, looking into their eyes and really talking. We get so busy that it’s hard to do that. Sometimes you kind of take life for granted and in your team and it’s all good night and you just don’t really connect. But then when you really connect like that, it does your heart so much good and you’re able to be lighter, it’s going to help you to rest. So I want you to try it. I want you to give it a try and let me know how that goes.

The next thing that we want to do is to Aroma Tapping. So, you know, on this channel I talk a lot about aroma tapping, it’s a big part of my practice. And the reason is because the combination of essential oils and tapping on these Meridian points that you have throughout our body to release stress is a powerful combination. And so that is something else that you can do. And again, about a half an hour to an hour before bed, make it part of your routine. Maybe as you’re doing your moisturizing, you can just go right into tapping. Now, this you want to do separate from the conversation, you don’t really want to be sitting there tapping while you’re having a conversation, also I really would like you to do the Aroma Tapping alone, unless you’re working with your coach. It’s great for you to have just a quiet, private time that you can do that. Aroma Tapping by yourself. And then if you have been having coaching sessions, you can replace some of those coaching sessions and have those same conversations as you tap. If you’re not using a coach, which of course I highly recommended because I do this coaching. But because the coaching has changed the way I heal, that type of coaching really has helped. And I have a coach. So all of us need this type of release, right? And it’s going to make a difference in your body, allowing you to power down and allowing you and giving you the message that you’re safe and that it’s okay to just disconnect a little bit and relax, and really get into that deep, comfortable restorative sleep. Okay? So doing that Aroma tapping is going to help along with that release. Makes sense? Please let me know in the comments.

The last thing I’m going to really encourage you to do, and this is tough just because of our modern lifestyle, is to remove devices from the place where you sleep. Number one, wifi, you don’t want to have wifi in the room that you’re sleeping in. That’s really a whole other conversation, you to trust me on this one. You don’t want to have wifi. Just think about this for a minute. What is wifi doing? It’s connecting, right? It’s connecting. It’s bringing in signals for your computer to speak with your devices, that’s energy. That’s connections. It’s going on even though you can’t see it.

You don’t want that activity happening in the room where you’re trying to power it down. It’s not a good idea. So go ahead and not have your wifi connection, your router. You don’t want that in the same room that you’re sleeping in  Also your television, your telephone and your tablet. Now I know this is hard because I have to fight with it too. Why? Because a lot of times we go to bed and we’re sending those last messages, especially when you’re a business owner, us entrepreneurs, we’re working all the time. We always have something else that we forgot to say or forgot to do, or maybe we spent the whole day working. So now we’re trying to catch up with our family, friends, whatever the case, that phone often makes its two way right into the bedroom. And we’re on that device as we go to sleep and then we nodd off and it’s either in the bed with us or really close by again, it’s grabbing signals and so we really don’t want to do that. Now, some people because of their job or because of their responsibilities, they have to have their phone near them all the time so that is understandable. But if it’s possible, if it’s possible for you to not have those devices in your room, you’re going to sleep better without them. I want you to try this, please try it and tell me how it goes with you.

The last thing I want to talk about is when you do the tapping, what oils can we use? What are some of the grounding,  emotional releasing oils that you can use during Aroma tapping or in your diffuser, as you feel to drift off to sleep? There’s a lot of them, but today I’m going to give you three. And number one is sandalwood. Sandalwood and Cedarwood and those wood oils are really grounding.  If you think about how you feel, when you go to the beach and you have your feet in the sand, and that just connected, calm, relaxed feeling that it seems like you can only kind of get from the beach or from being barefoot. Those wood oils help us to ground them that way, connect in that way.

Another one that I’m going to give you is Rose oil. This is really great, especially if you do have some heavy things on your mind and heart. Rose oil is really great for you to use for your tapping and even to massage over your heart, if there’s something weighty going on that can help you to relax.  Keep in mind that it’s very sweet. So you’re only going to need a drop of that with your carrier, always use your carrier.

The last one that I’m going to recommend is Helichrysum. If you take a look at the video here(see youtube video below minute 9:24), you’re going to see one that I just did about helichrysum. So that’s a really, really great one to watch. Helichrysum is a powerful, essential oil, fantastic for aiding and healing from trauma. And so if you do have some weighty things going on and you know, and recognize that you’ve been kind of stressed lately,  it’s really gonna be helpful to have something like helichrysum. So those were three oils that you can use. You can diffuse them. You can put them in your night moisturizer. You can make it as a topical blend. A lot of recipes are on here, you can kind of take a look and see, but for today, I really just wanted to talk to you about those three things to help you to release and relax into getting into a great night’s sleep.

Now, if you would love to work with me, one-on-one so that I can help you with your specific situation, customize it for you. I have a program that’s a 6-month program where you’re going to reach your wellness goals, and you’re going to get to internal piece and you’re going to get to mental clarity and emotional release and in a space emotionally that you may not have ever been in, or maybe not for a long time. So I invite you to take a look at my program. You’ll see it there in the link and you can also hop on a call with me. I have free calls that you can schedule to see if the program is a fit for you. Thank you for your time. I hope this was helpful. Don’t forget to like, and subscribe and share this video if you found it helpful and you know someone else it may help.

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