Can Trauma Be Inherited?

Hi Renée Hughes here, Nationally Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Natural Health Consultant, and your guide to inner internal peace, mental clarity, and emotional release. So today, as I mentioned, we’re going to talk about reducing the effects of trauma using aromatherapy. Researchers have recently found that trauma can actually change your DNA. This is phenomenal. Not only can it change your DNA, but it can also be passed on to your children, and passed on to generations even. The reason for that is the change in the DNA itself. It’s called epigenetics. I want to put that on the screen so you guys can look that up(see video below). I found this so interesting and it kind of makes sense. For years, I’ve used an illustration to explain imperfection, using a pan and a dent that’s in the pan and how it just passes on those characteristics, just like we get them from our parents and our grandparents. Trauma can be passed on and all that is in it.

The good news is the same researchers in a recent study, shows that even though it’s true, that trauma can be passed on through generations, it can also be reversed. It can be reversed by repeated positive changes and a different atmosphere, showing that healing can take place even if this genetic marker has been passed on. This is really interesting. Think about it for a minute, for how many people, maybe you yourself have experienced feelings and symptoms as if you had lived a life of abuse and yet you hadn’t. This is really eye-opening when it comes to dealing with trauma and dealing with anxiety and depression.

You may have had therapy, and they’re trying to find this link back to what started it all. And it may not have even been from you. It can really literally be passed on in your genetics. So what you want to do is to change our environment and our bodies and minds and make adjustments to what we have inside. Does it mean that we can make ourselves perfect? Absolutely not, but according to the studies with repeated positive changes we can be healed. Here is the link for that research for you down below so you can take a look at that.  And that’s just one of them. There are several studies out there, but I really liked this one because it explained that the effects can also be reversed. And I really, really loved that. Well, how do we use Aromatherapy to help in the process of correcting the traumatic events or traumatic DNA, that’s kind of that scar tissue, almost like scar tissue within your brain and your body that won’t let up. And so it causes you to live with these anxious feelings of it as if something really bad is going to happen. And you may not have even been the one who experienced trauma. Very interesting.

So the oil that we’re going to talk about today is Helichrysum. Helichrysum is one of the essential oils that is really phenomenal at healing wounds. This is what I love about helichrysum and about and Aromatherapy in general. It can help to heal or aid in healing physical wounds like bruises, scars and burns. It is what we call cicatrisant, you can also look that up. Cicatrisant oils are skin healing. They actually are skin healing. And so with helichrysum, not only are you getting healing on the skin, but also it creates that same internal feeling, especially when used on a regular basis as part of your routine. So I want to talk about how we can use this oil and give you a recipe. And I’m going to talk about the process that I use in my coaching practice to help people to peel back these layers and to get to mental clarity and emotional release using Aromatherapy.

If you follow me, you know, that the method I use is Aromatherapy, Aroma Tapping, and Breathwork. I just want to talk about a little bit how all those work together to help when you’re dealing with trauma and working towards getting to a healing state. So first, I want to give you a little bit little recipe and you’ll see that up on your screen here. And this would be great as a massage oil. What I love about helichrysum is because you can use this in a lot of different ways and you’ll see different recipes throughout my channel. But for this one, I want to talk about having a massage blend just because it is so nourishing to the skin. And so this will be great to use as a nighttime moisturizer, maybe about an hour before you’re getting ready for bed, it’s going to do a couple of things. One, it’s going to be soothing to your skin and make it even more luscious than bouncy and beautiful. It’s also going to get into your system and help you to relax, especially when you’re using it around bedtime half an hour to an hour before bed. I’d love for you guys to just try to start unwinding around that time, Aromatherapy is really great at assisting with that. And then the last thing is it’s going to create changes so that your body can get in the space of repair. And when we sleep, that is the best time for our bodies to repair. So it’s a really good time to break out this blend and use it as a massage blend. So you can just use it as your massage cream. Once it’s getting it’s on your skin, it’s going to sink in and that will get it into the bloodstream.

You don’t have to put it in a specific spot of the body. Here are a couple of spots. I like to put it on the back of the neck, just where the brainstem is, is a nice place to just massage, but you can also just use it as your hand cream and massage, and you can use it as a face cream. If you use face cream at night, you can add this to it. You can even add, and you can see there on the screen(in video minute 6:53), one to two drops of Helichrysum to your night cream. If you already have a full blend, you can do that. Here’s the blend that you can use, just the whole thing in case you don’t have a night moisturizer, his one will be great to help you to age your mind and body for repair at night.

You’re going to do is use about a two-ounce container. This is two ounces, and let’s use avocado oil as a carrier oil. Jojoba oil is another great carrier for that. You’re going to fill that up to about right here(see minute 7:21 in video). And then you’re just going to take your essential oil and we’re going to put 10 drops. I’m not going to actually put this in because I’m not making one right now. If you’re gonna put 10 drops of your Helichrysum, just watch those drops they come out really fast. Then let’s put eight drops of lavender and then four drops of frankincense. So that is a really great skin-nourishing blend that you can use for your night moisturizer. It is going to be grounding to help you to wind down at night. It’s going to help you to start to unload some of the stuff that’s in your mind.

It is also going to get into your body chemistry to start eating and peeling back some of the trauma. What we want to do along with that though, is we want to make sure that we are addressing our situations our feelings, right? Not necessarily re-living trauma, which can be really damaging. But what we actually want to do is to address how we feel, Aroma Tapping helps us to do that. So that same night moisturizer that you put on at night to do this whole routine, use it as a cream, and then you can use it as your enrollments happening. You still have some of that on your fingers. And then you go through your tapping points. We’re just going to show you some of the points that we use in our sessions. And you’re literally just tapping on those points. And these are Meridian points on your body that help your body to release stress.

It’s great to do this with the essential oil, because you’re getting double benefit. You’re getting the plant chemistry into your bloodstream. It’s immediately affecting the amygdala. It’s affecting neurotransmitters in your brain and sending some good, positive, happy signals throughout your body. And that’s what you want doing this repeatedly is going to peel back the layers of those feelings surrounding the trauma. Now, when you’re working with a coach and I highly recommend that you work with a coach, even if you’re not working with me, find a tapping coach to work with, because this is  really really important. So you can do this yourself and just kind of talk through your day and things like that. To unpeel some trauma we want to have scripts that we use, and your coach can kind of guide you through how to talk about these things so as not to re-injure.

As tapping coach, we have a scope. As an Aromatherapist, my scope of practice is not the same as a psychologist or a doctor. So you never want to use this type of coaching to replace going to a psychologist or psychiatrist. You want to always make sure that if you’re doing that, that you’re following the procedures that they’re giving you. And you even want to talk to them about your coaching, your Aromatherapy Coaching, or your Tapping Coaching. It’s really important to have that be integrative and have your practitioners or your doctors know the other things that you’re doing so that everything works together. So this kind of just shows you the tapping points. Even just doing that while I talk to you is really, really relaxing.

When we’re wanting to address certain feelings that we’re repetitively dealing with, maybe it’s like, I’m just down, or maybe this triggers me. I know this triggers me, but I don’t know why, this is something that we can do to help to release some of that, to peel back some layers, to get some understanding around those feelings and the most important thing to release them. This creates a space so that you can gradually get to the place of release each step, getting better and better and clearer and clearer feeling better, functioning better along the way. So I wanted to share that recipe with you and just have this little chat about trauma. Even though these studies have been found that yes, we may have had it passed on to us, but guess what? We can also reverse these effects by self-care.

And this is what makes self-care so important. You guys, oftentimes we think of self-care as getting a massage, like an extra luxury, but when we look at it around this subject of trauma and dealing with trauma that we begin to realize it is way more than just a spa treatment. It is a necessity to live the happiest, most fulfilling life that we can. And so I want to invite you to take a look at my full program. And you’ll see my full program where I talk about Aromatherapy, Breathwork, and Aroma Tapping and how they work together to create the changes that you may be looking for. Thanks for your time today.

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