Clear signs that you need emotional healing

Making The Most Of What We Have

Life is full of triumphs, challenges and changes. It lifts us up to the height of exhilaration one moment and plunges to the depths of despair the next. This is life – it’s how we entered it and how we’ll leave it. So, how can we figure out how to make the most of the exhilaration and how to grow from the challenges and despair?

We need mental and emotional clarity. How we perceive a thing becomes our reality. And so, with emotional clarity, we can go through these ups, downs, joys, sorrows and everything in between with gratitude. 

Sign #1

Most people in your life have “issues.” They’re irritating and you can barely stand them. I mean, where are all the same people? Well, if this is how you feel most days, guess what? It’s a very clear sign that YOU, my friend, could use some emotional cleansing. How we process the “idiosyncrasies” of others has everything to do with our own emotional strength. So if everyone is driving you to the brink… time for you to cleanse.

Sign #2

Your reflection is disruptive. You’re going about your day and BAM, you pass a mirror or catch your reflection somehow and it completely destroys your day. Why? It’s simple – you don’t love the person that you see. It’s not about her weight, what her hair looks like or even the fact that she’s wearing those same frumpy pajamas. You just don’t like her; she’s not enough, and you begin to feel agitated as your mind goes through the list of things you wish were different about her…you.


The things you used to enjoy just aren’t fun anymore. And you realize it’s not that you’ve outgrown something; it has more to do with being unable to enjoy most anything. How do we know this is true? I want you to think for a minute about your best friend. Think about her on her best day and on her worst. When you see her with her hair all over her head, or a few extra pounds or even way too thin, do you feel disturbed, anxious, angry, sad? No, you just smile and say “That’s my girl.” Even on her worst day, there’s just something adorable about her. Why? You love her, that’s your girl, and so on her worst day or her best, the love is what you feel and see when you look at her. What would it feel like if you felt the way about yourself that you feel about that dear friend?


You have trouble completing sentences. While there are sometimes medical issues behind this, we’re not talking about those. We’re talking about the times in your life when so much is going on – good stress and bad, so much of it in your mind and heart that you literally cannot think. And so when you go to talk, your brain is going faster than your mouth and you just can’t catch up. This is a sign of the need for some clearing. Clear up some space in your mind so that the good stuff can come through.

The great news is, you don’t have to feel this way. I can help, click here for one session of Mental Clarity and Emotional Release.


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