What you didn’t know about Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary might be an ingredient in one of your favorite dishes but with essential oils, Rosemary is a whole lot more. Rosmarinus Officinalis is high in monoterpenes and is a part of the monoterpene family Ketone and Oxide. You will often find quite a bit of 1,8-cineole in Rosemary. 1,8-cineol is famous for being in oils like Eucalyptus and Ravintsara, all of those great breathing oils, so you get a lot of the same effect with Rosemary but Rosemary also has an amazing effect on our emotions and on mental clarity.

Whether you’re looking to onboard that new ideal client and you need to be on top of your game as you get together your proposal, as you go into those meetings, as you go into your lectures, whatever you’re doing to onboard that client it takes mental clarity. You might be looking to meet that new best friend or special someone, either way, again it takes mental clarity so that you can be at your best and so that you can really connect and show up in that relationship. Rosemary can help us to do that and so I’m going to give you a recipe in just a little bit but let me just tell you a little about what Rosemary is known to do.

Rosemary is an energizing essential oil, it is known to help support mental clarity, it’s an uplifting essential oil and it’s also known to strengthen the mind. Hearing that description we start to think of all kinds of scenarios for Rosemary eg. when you’re studying when you’re preparing for a talk or lecture when you are preparing for an important meeting when you’re getting ready for a date, all these things we think about wanting to be really clear and really at our best and Rosemary is a great way to do that. Rosemary is also a really great analgesic and really great for a massage blend so I’m going to give you a recipe that you can use as a massage blend.

If you’re working on something and you’re wanting that effect of mental clarity what you can do is make this blend, you can use it as a massage and also inhale it (see video below min 2:29) and then massage wherever you might be tight or sore. Oftentimes when we’re feeling tense or anxious or concerned about something we’ll carry that stress in our body and you can use this blend to help massage that away. Here is your recipe: You will need Rosemary– it’s such a beautiful aroma you can really just smell it on its own and get some benefit.  To make the blend I usually use two-ounce bottles for that, so you’re going to take a two-ounce bottle, fill it up with your carrier oil to about right here ( minute 3:09), for essential oils we’re going to be using Ravintsara, Black Pepper, Rosemary, and Ginger so that’s gonna be four oils for this blend.  I like to smell each oil as they’re going in just to get that benefit and also it gives you an idea of how your blend is coming together and how you’re going to enjoy the aromas, it’s a great idea to just kind of take in that aroma as you go along with the blend. Ok let’s go for it

That is going to make an amazing pain-relieving blend because as was mentioned we often get tight when we’re feeling stressed or when we’re feeling anxious or when we have something that we need to do. You might start to feel the tension in a certain spot in your body often if we’re working with computers it might come right along here (min 4:08) and so this is a great blend to just go ahead and do a nice little massage. It will sink into your body and you will also get emotional support. To inhale this blend, you can pour it in your hand, cup it over your nose and do your breathwork and then follow it up with a massage. You now have a nice massage blend that will help you with mental clarity and emotional release as well as get some pain relief, so go ahead and use that as you’re preparing to get that talk ready for your client or that proposal meeting, it’s a great way to just get in the right mind space.

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