100 Days of Oils and Movement

How well do you know your body? When was the last time you took inventory? I’ve started a project I call “100 days of oils and movement” and what this looks like is basically intentional movement. It’s not a marathon or massive workouts or anything like that, it’s about taking inventory of who you are and really getting to know yourself. Pay attention to how your clothes fit but also how much weight you can lift. Can you lift two pounds, five pounds, or ten pounds? When was the last time you challenged yourself? Can you walk from the couch to the kitchen? Could you walk down the block? Could you run?

What effect would it have on you mentally, emotionally, and physically if you did the intentional movement for 100 days? What would you look like at the end of that 100 days? What would you feel like? What would change about the way you go through life? How do you deal with stress?  I’m inviting you to join us for 100 days of oils and movement.

I started my 100 days as you will see if you take a look in our Facebook group, you’re invited to join that group, here is the link-https://www.facebook.com/groups/100daysofintention/. You’ll see my journey of 100 days that I’m still on, it is amazing when we really take the time to get to know ourselves inside and out.

How do you really feel about things that bother you? Why do they bother you? It goes right in harmony with figuring out the outside, what your body can do, what it really looks like. What parts of your body have you not even looked at for years? Maybe you just kind of get up and get ready and get dressed, but when you start to be intentional about your movement you really get in touch with your body. You learn what it can do well, how far you can go to reach something, or how far you can squat. Can you do a pigeon? Can you do splits? Can you do a handstand? Maybe just getting up and walking straight could be a victory for you, so I want to invite you to join us and start your own 100 days.

Don’t worry about where anybody else is in the group, start with day one and just challenge yourself. Let me give you some examples: Day one or day fifty could look like five to ten minutes of you standing up and walking in place for five to ten minutes, it could look like you walking around your house, it could look like you doing housework, but paying attention to each movement. This is the thing about intentional movement, paying attention to how you move, How far can you bend down?, Do your knees hurt? What feels good? How far can when you reach up to put food in the cabinet? How far can you reach and does anything hurt in there? What’s the shape of your arm? What kind of muscle tone do you have or would you like to have?

Being intentional with your body and how it moves, paying attention to what feels good and what doesn’t, and also paying attention to how you feel inside is amazing. The inside is where the oils come in, and so I’m challenging you to pair an oil with movement every single day for a hundred days. When you take a look at the page you’ll see all different kinds of ideas of how you add oils, maybe it’ll be a steam inhalation, maybe it’ll be an inhaler, maybe it’ll be diffusing or maybe it’ll be a massage. Use different oils for different days, for different moods, for different reasons, to help move you along in your journey of emotional release as well as nourishing yourself physically.

You’re going to be amazed just in the first few days at how much you learn about yourself, how much you really can do with your body, and how much you really can take on, how much weight you can lift, how far you can walk, you might even run a little bit. Intentional movement is not about working out until you just break a sweat, it’s not about putting in that DVD and doing an hour workout, this is different, this is about paying attention to your body, how it feels, how it moves, and finding things that you enjoy to just move.

We move all the time, if we have to get up and go take a drive, we have to get up, we go and put something in the kitchen, we have to get up and go do this or that, that is all different. Intentional movement means I’m setting aside a certain amount of time a day, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, an hour, two hours, whatever you decide you want to do and I’m gonna see what my body can do. I’m gonna challenge it. I’m gonna take a brisk walk or today I might run or today I might lift or today I might do pilates or whatever it is that you enjoy. Maybe it’s a day of dancing, you get your spouse and get to dancing or doing something fun and just really moving your body with the thought of I’m taking care of myself.

Our brain knows when we’re taking care of ourselves, our body knows, it’s aware of when we ignore it and just kind of push through and when we focus and really take care of it. It makes a difference in how you show up in your life, it makes a difference in how everything feels on the inside and the outside. I’m really excited to see what happens with your 100 days. Please join us and share your photos over there in our Facebook Group.

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