Aroma Tapping to Boost Self Esteem

Welcome to The Aromaspecialists. I’m Renee Hughes a Certified Professional Aromatherapist, Certified Natural Health Consultant, and your guide to mental clarity and emotional release. Today we’re going to talk about boosting self-esteem using my three-step process: Aromatherapy, Breathwork, and Aroma Tapping.

First, let’s talk about what is low self-esteem. What does it even mean? It is when we don’t feel full, we don’t feel like we’re good enough. We walk around feeling low, we get our feelings hurt a lot, we feel like we don’t quite measure up, and nobody else thinks that we measure up. Sometimes that comes out as constantly blaming other people or we may say ‘they don’t think I’m good enough’, ‘they put me down’ when really it’s an internal feeling that we don’t feel that we’re enough. Maybe you have a couple of good things going on, but it’s not enough. You really kind of hone in on the things that you need to work on, you just don’t feel filled up. Right?  So that’s what we’re talking about. In this episode, we’re talking about low self-esteem. So now let’s think a little bit about how that pattern starts.

What do we know about low self-esteem, where does it comes from? It comes from way back. Don’t we grow up with it? Isn’t it because we were teased a lot. Maybe we can think back to a very specific situation and you could have been three, four, five, or six years old and that was so traumatic for you. That can still be defining who you think you are today, isn’t that bizarre? But it’s how our minds work. It’s really, really interesting. And we can reverse it. We’re going to talk about that. It takes time, it takes effort, but it can definitely be done. So that’s what we’re talking about. We’re talking about those memories that have happened. Those things that have happened in the past that have caused us to define ourselves in a certain way. That makes us feel like we’re not enough.

What happens is those teasings, the things that people say, ‘Oh, you’re not pretty’,  ‘Your eyes are too close together’, ‘Your ears are too big’, ‘Your mouth is too big’, ‘ You’re not funny’, ‘You smell’, whatever were those things that were said about us, even though we knew they weren’t true, or maybe they were true, we fixed it or whatever but we still hear them. What is worse is we’re saying them to ourselves, right? That is really intriguing. And that’s the key, that is where the low self-esteem comes from. It really is what we’ve said to ourselves. It really is that that self-talk, that has defined us. And now we just become this person that we’ve told ourselves we were. It is what we’ve heard other people saying, and now we believe it. And now we’re saying it to ourselves.

So think about this. Some of the time when you were being teased, if that was your situation, maybe it was a family member. Maybe that was just the personality of your family to crank upon each other. And that was the thing, but it kind of hurt. Maybe it was one of your best friends. And you think about the things that were said, would you now as a mature adult, say those things, those painful, hurtful things to your friends, to your best friend, to someone that you love, would you, would you do that? Would you say those derogatory things? Maybe, some people that’s their makeup and they just feel like that’s funny. So let’s switch it a little bit. Think about when you’re falling in love and you really want to show up as the best person you possibly could be for this person. You want them to love you back. You’re just full of emotion. Would you say to this person you’re falling in love with- ‘You’re so stupid’, ‘You’re so ugly’, ‘You are really fat’, ‘You can’t get anything right’, ‘You smell’, ‘You’re lazy’… You guys can fill in the blanks because you know, and these are things we’ve all heard in our circles. Things that people have said about other people, that we’ve said about people. And so would you do that? Would you do that as you’re trying to develop the most important relationship of your life? Absolutely not, because you’re so in love, everything they do is good and right and perfect. All that you can even think to say is just loving, beautiful words because your heart is full. What if you felt those same nurturing, loving feelings for yourself? How would that change your life? How would that change the way you show up in your relationships when you show up for other people, and you’d be more of a champion for your children, for your family, spouse, for yourself, or your family, for your business, couldn’t you be much better and so much happier if you gave those loving conversations yourself?

So then how do we do that? How do we break that pattern and start to speak to ourselves in a loving, nourishing way? First off, it has to be intentional. You have to be intentionally changing the conversation that you have with yourself. We know we all do it. We all talk to ourselves. So you pass the mirror and instead of saying ‘Oh my God look at those bags’ you appreciate the wisdom and the years that caused those little lines. You begin to appreciate yourself. And so, instead of saying ‘Oh my goodness you have that line under your eye’ you say ‘I’m so grateful that I’ve lived long enough to have these little bags under my eyes’, and ‘I’ve smiled enough that I have laugh lines’. You learn to love and appreciate them.

How does Aromatherapy help the reset process? Let’s start with the essential oils first. Essential oils affect the neurotransmitters in our system. They affect our central nervous system. And so those systems are what talk to one another, the hormones and the little messengers that go throughout our body. It matters what messages are being sent. But in simple terms, we want the little messengers in our body to be giving good, loving, positive messages, to the other parts of the body and plant chemistry can help you to do that. Plant chemistry really can get into your bloodstream and change what’s happening inside so that you can begin to repair from the inside out. And you’re able to make better decisions, you’re able to think clearer, you’re able to reduce some of the brain fog, you’re able to eat properly, nourish your body to start taking care of it. As you do that, you begin to love yourself more and more and get in a very balanced, loving state so that you can not only love yourself, but so that you can give it out to others too, really, really important. So that’s step number one, the plant chemistry of essential oils and step number two is on breathwork. Here’s a video(see youtube video below min 8:32) that will show you why breathwork is important, how to get rid of constrictive breathing. You can take a look at that, but I’m going to talk to you a little bit about it here.

So what we want to be doing is breathing in a way that gives our body and mind space for healing. If we are holding our breath, it affects the rest of the systems of the body. They’re not functioning, right? Think about a body of water that cleans itself. It’s got to move, right? It’s gotta be able to. It’s the same thing with us. If we have stagnant energy, holding onto things, holding onto pain, holding onto disappointment, or holding it in our bodies, we become stagnant. And literally that breathwork, by doing it consistently, by using that technique and doing it consistently, we’re able to release all that junk. So it’s not floating around in your head, you’re not saying bad things to yourself, talking badly about yourself over and over, just because your body is trying to find a way to release all of this. We can be able to release that breathwork, right? And then number three is Aroma Tapping.

Aroma Tapping brings back the essential oils. You are using the essential oils along with Aroma Tapping. You can have them on your fingers or diffuse them while you’re doing your breathing and while you do your Aroma Tapping, and you go through points on your body that are Meridian points, these points are known to help us to release stress. It’s like acupuncture with your fingers and you’re able to move through and release that stress. So that’s the three-step process. How does that help with building self-esteem? Because it teaches you to change the conversation. So as you’re doing these things, your body is shifting to a naturally more pleasant, more positive state. By breathing, you’re allowing your body to move that stagnant energy and that’s exactly the energy that may be causing the negative thinking. With Aroma Tapping, you’re releasing the negativity, the bad feelings, you’re releasing the things that you may have been saying to yourself.

In my coaching, when we’re doing the Aroma Tapping, we actually talk about some of the negative things. So say for instance, you don’t like your ears, maybe for years you were teased about your ears. You hate your ears. So we can talk about that. We talk about that as we tap and you really exaggerate like ‘I’ve got these big, giant jumbo ears’. We are going to talk about it while we release it. So instead of holding it in and repeating it in your mind over and over, having it go deeper inside, we instead release it. And we have conversation around letting that go. We have nourishing conversations as we close the session to help you to feel grateful for what you have and who you are. We go in search for those things that you will love about yourself, that you do love about yourself. And those are the things that we replace those thoughts with.

Did you know that your mind can’t think about two things at once? Let’s to try it. Let’s do a little exercise. I want you to think about making your favorite meal. I want you to visualize yourself doing it. You’re in the kitchen cooking. You’re making the meal and I want you to really concentrate on that. Like you’re actually doing it. And at the same time, I want you to talk about how ugly your hair is. It’s really hard to do. It’s really hard to have two conversations like that internally at one time, something gets on hold. While you’re talking about the hair, you’re not really focused on the kitchen, right? This is what happens, this is how we go through our life. This is why, you know, we are forgetful. This is why we feel scattered, it’s because there’s junk going on in there that it’s hard to just navigate regular life because we can’t shut off that brain, so I’m going to teach you how to do that.

I would love to invite you to schedule a discovery call, click here to schedule a call. You can click any of the buttons on that page to schedule this call with me there and see if this program is a fit for you. I’ve given you three great things to work on and you can start to implement these right away and really make a difference in how you feel and boost your self-esteem using essential oils. Here are three essential oils that are really great blends. They can use these when you’re practicing your Aroma tapping or even just to diffuse in your house when you’re thinking about those nourishing thoughts. It’s really going to help them to sink in. So Joy is one of them. The other one is Release and the last one was called Envision.

So those are just three of many oils that I’ll talk to you about that can help to shift your energy. And these are all young living brands, if you use another brand, look at the ingredients of these, and then you can find the equivalent, just make sure whatever you’re using is wild, harvested or organic, or better. You want to make sure that you’re staying in that lane so you can get the results you are looking for.

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