Three-Step Process- How Holistic Aromatherapy Brings Balance To Brain & Body

Hi, I’m Renèe Hughes. And what I do is to help people take back control of their emotional health, your physical health, physical pain. And I do that using a three-step coaching process. It is aroma tapping, aromatherapy with essential oils and breath work. Those three components help to bring balance and harmony to the body. And so what I notice is that when there’s flaring pain, physical pain, it could be from arthritis or some kind of other inflammatory condition, those symptoms affect the emotions, and when we’re not well emotionally, it increases the physical pain. So everything’s out of balance. So the three-step process that I use is to help to bring things back into balance.

I know what it’s like to have a body that’s out of harmony. I, from as far back as I can remember, had gut issues, just nauseous—head-to-toe nausea is what I call it—from eating whatever everybody else was eating, but because of that imbalance in my gut, I would be sick. I also suffered from endometriosis and all the pain and nausea and dizziness that comes with that. And hormonal imbalance and uncontrollable cravings, just to name a few of the symptoms that happen when the body’s out of balance.

And so this is how we start. We start with wild-harvested or organic essential oils into the bloodstream. And so the way that we deliver that is typically through inhalation or topical application, those are my main methods. And then I layer on top of that breathwork. So the breathing techniques that I teach and help people to use consistently help to deepen the effect of those plant-based chemicals that get into your system—all-natural, really potent remedies for our body that helps to fill in spaces and create balance and harmony in the body. This really does bring you to mental clarity. It helps with emotional release and detoxing the entire body; all of your body symptoms thank you for it. It helps with restorative sleep; we were made to, for our body to repair when we sleep. But again, when the body’s out of balance, that doesn’t happen, you don’t get that restorative sleep.

It also helps to reconnect. You’re able to reconnect with yourself with your loved ones. You’re able to reach more goals. You’re able to have a healthy relationship with food, with people, with your work and accomplish so much more. So that three-step process of aromatherapy, breathwork and aroma tapping. Let me tell you a little bit about aroma tapping: aroma tapping is like acupuncture with your fingers. So what happens is during my sessions, I walk you through some mindset coaching along with accessing the meridian points, usually on the top, upper part of the body to help release.

And so this is kind of what that looks like. You have the essential oils on your finger, and you go through the body and just release toxins. It takes consistency. Although usually just even in one session, you feel a difference. You feel a weight off, but it takes consistency to really peel back the layers so that you begin to develop new habits, new thought patterns. And yeah, those things actually connect to your physical pain as well. Many essential oils have the chemistry inside of them to reduce pain and inflammation, but they also hit the emotional portion. So everything that I do is a holistic approach. It’s going to help you emotionally balance, and it’s going to help you anywhere where you need it physically, to create balance and variety of the—variety of, um, systems in your body. So I’ll say that again: in a variety of systems in your body. So I look forward to seeing all of you in session. I want you to take a look at some of our success stories. If you visit, you’ll see some more stories, and you’ll get a chance to see my full program.

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