Is Aromatherapy Real or Just a Fad?

What is it about scent, aroma that so profoundly affects our emotions? Think about the smell of baking, cooking in the morning, or the smell of your favorite chocolate cake or the smell of fresh-baked bread. It’s hard not to smile, isn’t it? It is amazing how those aromas quickly, very profoundly affect our emotions, but now essential oils take that effect quite a bit further. Why? Because of the plant chemistry that enters into our system through the olfactory system- which is directly connected to our lymphatic system, we’re able to get signals, and neurotransmitters are affected so that we can get the ‘feel-good’ signal, the ‘I’m safe’ signal from these essential oils. It literally is a physiological change that happens within our brain and body. And it’s a lasting change. It goes beyond the swallow your favorite food, and it comes without the side effects of some of our favorite comfort foods.

Not only that plant chemistry can help to fill some gaps in our system that we may be experiencing. And that also contributes to the lasting relief that we get. I’m Renee Hughes. I am a certified professional aromatherapist, I’m a Certified Health Consultant and I’m your guide to creating internal peace. What my coaching program, The Mood Makeover Method, I want to invite you to book a free call with me to see how that program could be customized to your specific wellness goals and how we can get you to deeper, more lasting peace. I look forward to talking to you in session.

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