The biggest lesson I learned about breaking the cycle of stress and pain

The Language of Pain

The Language of pain is very well known among its victims. Emotional pain and physical pain each have their own language. Each speaks to us in its own way. Physical pain can stop us in our tracks, while emotional pain hides for a while as we cover it up with busy, work, and food.

What I learned is although each type of pain speaks to us in different ways, they also communicate with each other. When your mind and heart are in pain, this is communicated to your body, which often takes the blows. This means that the physical pain is always made worse by what’s happening emotionally. Now, if you have chronic pain, this does not mean that you caused it yourself by your own emotions or thinking. No, not at all. But it does mean that we can manage the pain. I’ve seen things like the length between pain meds and the intensity of pain reduced due to emotional work done with aromatherapy. This happens because of the chemistry of the oils and the connection between the mind and body. When they get on the same page of healing, the results are more intense and last longer. 

The Road to Recovery

I’ve learned that we must listen to our body; we must pay attention to what it’s telling us. During aroma tapping, I’ll often ask clients what they feel in their body as we talk and tap. “Let’s lean into it.” I want the brain to pay attention to that pain in the shoulder and back, to pay attention to it while we talk and tap. Almost always the pain moves, reduces, and eliminates during the session or some time in the day. This, of course, depends on the type of pain, but you get my point. LISTENING to the body has proven to break the cycle of stress and pain.

If you listen and respond, you’ll have much more control over quieting the pain in your joints, head, back, and heart.

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