Allergy Relief With Essential Oils

Hi, welcome to The Aromaspecialists. I’m Renee Hughes, Certified Natural Health Consultant, and your guide to mental clarity and emotional release. And today I’m going to talk to you about allergies and how we can manage allergies using essential oils, and some of the pain associated with allergies.

I’m going to show you how to make an inhaler with essential oils. I’ve got some other videos here(see youtube video below) that you can take a look at where I’ve made inhalers for multiple uses. But this one is specifically for allergies. I’m using the reusable ones and these are really cool to have. You’re just going to take this apart. This is where your cotton wick is going to go, it is so easy to make these, and they’re so effective and they last for months, it’s just so great. So you get your cotton wick, make sure you’re using an organic cotton wick. In some of my other videos, you see me putting it in a bowl and swirl it around to soak it up. And I’m going to show you how to make it just right here in the tube. So this is for allergies, where there might be a lot of sneezing, watery eyes, coughing, pain in temples. This is to help address all of those things.

Let’s grab our oils and I’m going to have the recipe popped up there for you(see video). So the first thing we’re going to use is Tea tree. We’re going to use five drops of each of these oils. And so that makes it really easy to remember five drops of tea tree, tea tree is just beautiful, it is- antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal. The list goes on and on. You want to always have this in your home.  So we are going to start with Tea tree. And again, just have your little clear container there and your cotton wick. Some people don’t like the smell of Tea tree, but I adore it. So let’s count this out. One, two, three, four, five…it comes out so quickly and it goes right into that cotton. It’s going to soak it right up. I just like to shake it a little bit, just to give it some encouragement, to soak it up. I’m so happy about this blend.

The next five drops. And you know what? I’m going to switch it up just a little bit and do four drops of this next one. The next one is Oregano and you can use your general Oregano or you can use Ecuadorian Oregano. Either of those would be really great. And in fact, the Ecuadorian one may even be better because it’s going to help open up the breathing. So we’re going to use general Oregano. I’ve got the Latin name up here for you because I don’t remember it at this moment. So I’m going to type it in there for you. And I’m going to use four instead of my initial five. The reason is for some people can be very, very fiery. You don’t ever put Oregano essential oil just directly in your mouth. I know that people do that, but if you’re using a pure, hundred percent essential over right now, it will burn your mouth and you can also burn in here(see video min 4:24) the mucus membrane in your nose is very sensitive. And so you don’t want to put anything too firey in there. We’re going to top it off with something that’s going to be also very soothing. So we’re going to be safe with that. All right, let’s do four instead of five, five snuck out anyway. It’s so hard to get it exactly the way you want it. I’m going to smell this. I’m actually making this one from my husband but really when you’re doing an inhaler you want to keep it individual, I’m not going to touch it. So this would be fine. I don’t think it’s going to bother him a little bit.

Our last ingredient you may not think about this for allergies. It is Lavender oil that we use for relaxing, it is credible for the immune system. It’s very nourishing. If you have allergies, you’re sneezing and coughing it can just settle things down. And the other thing about Lavender is because it’s so skin soothing, it’s also a cicatrisant oil, meaning that it’s skin healing. It’s perfect to add when you’re using something like peppermint or Oregano because it’s going to balance out what you’ve just done. So instead of doing five, I’m actually going to do six drops of the Lavender, just to make sure that he’s nice and comfortable, let’s see, that was six and a half. It’s hard to get them to come off just exactly the way you want. All right, you’re done.

Do you see why I love inhalers? It couldn’t be easier. And even though I love my diffusers too, I love how it just fills up a room and changes the environment. But the same number of drops that I’m putting in my diffuser, which is going to be gone once the water has finished, you put that same amount of drops in your inhaler. This thing is going to last for months, and it is your own little personal thing. I love it. All right. So after you’ve done that, you simply just put the cap on that twist. Make sure it’s on there nice and solid. Now, at this point, I just kind of soak up whatever may have gone to the sides, shake it up a little bit, give it another whip. That’s so beautiful. This is the only thing I hate about not doing this live because you can’t smell it. That is a perfect allergy blend. I love it so much. Okay. So now you’re going to take it, drop it in there(see video). It’s going to stick up and just push it in. Right? Put the cap on it, you’re done. You have an allergy inhaler. That’s gonna last you for the next several months. And you’ll know when it’s time to replace it because you won’t smell it. And when it’s time to replace it, you simply open it back up. You remove that cotton, put in your new cotton wick and you’re ready to go. So that is a great inhaler to use for allergies.

You may wonder, well, you mentioned pain up in the temples. How’s that going to help? Am I going to have to rub something on there?  You don’t have to. When we take any essential oils into our nose or olfactory system, it is absorbed into the bloodstream. So something similar to when you swallow something that would affect your entire system. It’s the same thing. So where you’re having some fiery pain or discomfort because it’s allergy season, this is going to soothe the entire body and it should also address the pain.  Now, if it doesn’t, you’re still pounding, the sneezing is better, but man, your head is still suffering. Then you can go ahead and grab a massage blend. And here’s a video(see min 8:30 in video below) where I show you how to use Kombo butter to reduce pain and inflammation. So that is it for today. Please remember to like, and subscribe if you like the video and if you know somebody who can help please share it with them. And any questions you might have leave them in the comments below and I’ll answer them. Thank you for being here.

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