3 surprising reasons crying is a good sign

In my holistic practice, I always include emotional support no matter what I’m working on with my clients. The reason for this is in the name of the practice. It’s holistic care, and our entire self is involved in almost any ailment, symptom, or pain. 

Sometimes we as humans would rather do anything at all other than FEEL. If a feeling isn’t pleasurable, then we want to ignore it and replace it with something that feels good – romance, food, entertainment…THIS DOES NOT WORK! Not for the long haul. It’s like putting a Band-Aid on a deep wound. The key to feeling better is actually to feel. So here are 3 reasons crying is a good sign:

1. You can FEEL. Did you know that mental health disorders can reach a level where a person cannot cry or express any emotion? It’s a sad truth that some people, due to disease or trauma, are unable to feel. So whatever made you cry, whether it’s happiness or sadness, the great news is you can FEEL.

2. Psychoneuroimmunology – this is the study of the impact that our thoughts, emotions, and stress have on our immune system. Stress that’s never released or managed properly can have a strong negative impact on our immune function. Crying helps us release stress, which means better immune health.

3. It creates deeper CONNECTIONS. As hard as we try not to cry around our friends, when we do, a great emotional wall comes down. Allowing others to be there for us through difficult times creates a lasting bond.

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