3 reasons you can’t fall asleep or stay asleep

Ahhhh SLEEP!

I LOVE a good night’s sleep! When I wake up refreshed, I just know it’s going to be a great day because I’ve allowed my body its much-needed healing and repair time. A great night’s sleep will mean getting much more done throughout the day because you have mental clarity. 

So, if you’ve developed a pattern of not being able to sleep, or you wake frequently during the night, you may be wondering why your body seems to refuse to settle down. Here are some known culprits for lack of sleep that can be fixed with aromatherapy.


Your MIND will not quiet down. You have so much going on in your life, both good and bad. At night, those thoughts tend to roll around our head. One reason for this is that when we go to bed, things are finally quiet and all the “STUFF” we’ve ignored throughout the day settles right down on our soul and says “Hello, remember me? I’m the elephant in the room you keep ignoring because you don’t have time for me.” When that happens, you may need a little release before your body will agree to quiet down.

Grab a nighttime blend that contains Sandalwood or Cedarwood and aroma-tap that elephant down several notches. Your brain will get signals from the oils and the tapping that you’re safe, all is well, and it’s okay to REST.


Digital DEVICES are keeping you awake. I often recommend that my clients turn off all devices at least an hour before bed. This is TOUGH!  Trust me, I know the struggle is real. Going a step further, it would be great to remove them from your room altogether.

My husband and I are often watching TV right before bed, so it’s tough to cut it off when we just want to watch ONE MORE episode. However, on those nights when we behave, our body really thanks us the next day. Try this – sprinkle your sheets with a Lavender- or Jasmine-inspired blend; my favorites are Joy and Sensation. Now that the TV is off and the phone and tablet are put away, you and your spouse actually get to TALK and look into each other’s eyes. You might be surprised how you haven’t actually done that in a while. You’ll get a lot more alone time with your spouse, and that is a BEAUTIFUL gift – trust me, you’ll thank me!


are going through changes! It might be PMS or maybe you’ve entered that lovely world of perimenopause or menopause. You want the covers on and then off… you’re hot and then cold, angry and then tearful, and then you just want chocolate. All this means your body is feeling a bit out of balance and sleep is not its number one priority. Your body would like to #1, stop being so HOT and #2, stop feeling on the verge of a meltdown. Essential oils to the rescue – create a blend that contains Sacred Frankincense, Geranium, and a bit of Peppermint. Put this blend in a spray bottle and keep it by your bed. Spray the back of your neck before sleep and feel the shift in your body. As it comes to balance, you’ll be able to get more sleep. 

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