Stop using the same 3 essential oils – do this instead

Is peppermint your favorite essential oil? Do you have a pantry of essential oils but only find yourself using the same 2 or 3? Well, we all have our favorites that are on constant re-order. I mean, who can live without Peppermint or Ravinsara?

However, I want you to know there’s a BIG WIDE WORLD of essential oils to choose from. Essential oils that can change the way you think and feel. Essential oils that can help you focus, relax, and sleep better and even eat better… CONSISTENTLY. 

Here are a few you may not have tried yet that will change your world:

Davana – This is an exotic oil – just a few drops can be used to make a beautiful perfume. It’s known to bring feelings of comfort, security, and emotional support, especially during transitions in life. Sounds like something we could use right about now!

Scotch Pine – As its name suggests, this oil will give you a piney fresh scent. It’s especially helpful during cold and flu season. It’s comforting to the lungs and emotionally restorative, and it opens the breath. 

Palo Santo -This is another great essential oil for deep relaxation and meditation. It’s soothing during deeply stressful days and has been noted to support creative thinking and behavior.

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