Why Our Community is Selective

Is it easy for you to retain and implement the things that you learn? We teach our students how to retain information as they go through our course and workshop by incorporating essential oils and having an emphasis on implementation.

As a Certified Aromatherapist and/or Essential Oils Specialist, there is a wealth of information that you need to be aware of so you can safely serve your clients, but that doesn’t mean you need to memorize it.

Our method to retain information is simple:

  • Short modules
  • Review in live classes
  • Access to instructors
  • Trusted research tools
  • Implement, implement, implement

The Aromaspecialist community is selective. And no this isn’t some marketing scarcity technique. We are intentional with our boundaries to make sure that our team can serve our students with excellence. This is why each time we bring on a new set of students, we limit the number so that everyone gets the attention they need to not only become Certified Aromatherapist and/or Essential Oils Specialist but also nail the tools they need to grow to their first 6-figures.

While Holistic Champions provides you with a complete certification experience for your practice, we know that you may have other questions unique to your niche. Consequently, we have a trusted network to extend to you as a champion!

That’s right, we can connect you with people who can support you in:

  • PR
  • Advanced Facebook Ads
  • Accounting
  • Business Coaching
  • Brand Strategy
  • Media

and More!

As part of The Aromaspecialists® community, you’ll have access to the most sought-after professionals in multiple industries. We look for and partner with the very best. So, ask away, if it’s not something covered in our courses we’ll refer you to where you need to be.

As a holistic coach, certification will set you apart from enthusiasts and hobbyists who serve the community based on popular internet sites. Popularity does not equal accuracy. 

Becoming a Holistic Champion means investing in training for safety, skills, and successful transformations for your clients. This brings an end to random online learning and introduces trusted strategic education that will set you apart from popular posters and put you in the world of trusted credentialed advisors. This will create an enormous impact on your business as people are looking for credibility when it comes to their health and wellness. 

Take your first step toward becoming a part of our community by signing up for our upcoming workshop – bit.ly/practicebuildingworkshops

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