Why Holistic Champions May Be Just What You’re Looking For

Are education and certification important in natural health care? Absolutely!

We believe in reputable education for our certified professional coaches.

As such we welcome you to our world of certified professionals seeking better education, more profound impact for clients, and income for their business.

Reliable education is our foundation and can be found in everything that we do. We want to ensure that you know our information so thoroughly that you could teach it to your clients. We encourage our students to use our aromatherapy database as well as the class curriculum to study and create their own databases and research centers so that they always have reputable information at their fingertips to share with their clients.

You are in control. We empower our students and program members toward excellence in holistic care. The Holistic Champions Aromatherapy Certification offers a complete experience to become a Certified Aromatherapist and/or Essential Oils Specialist and includes magnetic marketing strategies that convert to working with clients that you adore.

Our certification includes lessons on:

  • Essential oil history
  • Essential oil chemical properties
  • The effect of essential oils on the brain
  • Therapeutic properties of essential oils
  • Appropriate dosage
  • Safety & Best practices

And so much more…

We also know that when learning online, you will sometimes have the burning desire to ask someone questions that are racing through your mind. That’s why we designed our course to include live learning. We wanted to provide our students with an outlet to receive live feedback during their studies.

As you learn, write down your questions and bring them to our weekly live coaching sessions. There we will uncover where you are stuck and coach you through your unique situations.

To get a taste of this profound coaching experience, sign up for our upcoming workshop at bit.ly/practicebuildingworkshops We will touch on a few of the topics that will be covered in the course. You won’t be disappointed!

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