History Debunks Myth

Did you know I started my journey as a wellness professional in 2013? It made sense, as holistic wellness has been a lifelong passion of mine through many years of self-study and first-hand experiences. In fact, as a kid, I always had gut issues. I was the kid who knew the importance of getting enough water in my body, eating vegetables, using supplements, and exercising. I fell in love with that. When I stuck to this I felt great, but when I strayed, I felt horrible. In 2013, I decided to get serious and become a natural health consultant. Things grew from there. I invested in myself and went back to school to refine my studies with learning the science of aromatherapy as it relates to emotional health. This investment in myself has resulted in my investment in you, teaching you with the same resources that have transformed my life in hopes that you too will be empowered to transform as well. I’ve compiled what you need for success as a certified aromatherapist along with the practice building materials that will allow you to grow your business venture- and removed the unnecessary noise so that you can grow with intention and joy! This is Holistic Champions International School of Aromatherapy and Practice Building. 

At Holistic Champions, we prioritize education. One of the first things we dive into in the course is learning about the history and development of oils. History debunks myths. With knowledge of where oils have come from, we can be informed of where this industry is going.

The Chinese are one of the first cultures to practice holistic medicine and use aromatherapy as a method of holistic care. Their goal was to create harmony and balance. Here at Holistic Champions we have that same goal for you personally, and as you extend that to your own clients, regardless of your niche, you’ll see an increase in the harmony, balance and transformation your clients receive. As you know, when you consider the whole body and mind in your holistic care, you feel better, cleaner. And that is by design.

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