How Do You Value Essential Oils?

We learn from the cultures before us and their value on essential oils. Each culture has influenced another, such as how the Romans expanded on Greek herbal medicine with their own philosophy. Essential oils were once considered to be a status symbol for high society due to their physical benefits and beautification properties. They have been used throughout time to boost our immune systems, providing anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties as protection. History tells us the high price people had to pay for essential oils because of the exclusive and unique benefits they would bring to the human body and mind. Today, we recognize their value and bring that value to the lives of our clients. For our students, we break them down to the basics, the base compounds, and components for each oil so we can teach clients how to recommend blends that have profound effects on their clients. It is exciting for them to learn how to intuitively recommend blends that go above and beyond what is offered on the shelves today.

We bring it back to science, and the study of history that has allowed us to move forward to where we are today. 

Are you ready to be a champion, putting this art history into your practice?

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