Mood & Money the connection that helped us make our first jaw dropping transformations

Have you ever felt a little awkward about making more money? Is there a little voice in the back of your head saying….do I really need to earn that much? Are you afraid of making a bad investment and wasting your money? Do you constantly put off your own growth because of money?

These are all intelligent questions for business owners to ask themselves. I’ve always been cautious when it comes to business and money and, with good reason. Business can be all consuming so, the pursuit of wealth was never on my wish list and it still isn’t. What I did want is a sustainable business that allowed me to contribute to the support of my household while bringing support to those I serve in my business.

After being in business for some years, I realized that I had a lot of fear about money, both when it came to earning and spending.

I started to work on my “mood” (feelings) about money to get some honest clarity and balance. I shifted my perspective to one that helped me remember that money is a tool, a resource. This exchange of resources (spending on my business and receiving payment in my business) was a normal and healthy process. Not only was it safe to do so, it was mandatory if I planned to stay in business.

I released the idea that gaining momentum and success in my business automatically meant I would become weak in the more important areas of my life. Instead, I worked to make sure priorities stayed in place. And, I have a system to check in with myself to make sure that remains. This new perspective allowed me to create a healthy relationship with money. This is mandatory for my business as it helped me to advance in these ways:

  1. Hired a stellar team that are passionate about their work. Talented, hard workers that help me to work LESS while getting much MORE done than I ever could on my own. 
  2. Work with an amazing Sales and Marketing Coach that expanded my view on how to market my business. Sarah guided me create my own system that makes growth fun, exciting and never overwhelming. This LEVEL of thinking and action in my business would have been near impossible without guidance.
  3. Fund my business in a way that keeps it going even in the quiet times when not as much income is flowing.
  4. Put me in the driver’s seat of my business so that I could work with the clients that I WANTED to work with. Committed, loyal, seasoned professionals who understand what it takes to advance in business and see clearly how I can help them get there. It’s an indescribable feeling to be so excited about each one of my clients. To have a clear vision of how I can support each one of them and watch them take the notes and SOAR. 

This space and clarity allowed me to perform in my business without fear and restraint. The result was jaw-dropping transformation after transformation.

Here is just some of what we’ve been able to accomplish:

“I’m no longer having panic attacks. When I attended the free Mood Makeover Method workshop I couldn’t stop crying, I knew I had to join this program. From the first session, I knew there was hope. I was having panic attacks regularly. I note when they are coming on and am able to control it and get back to balance quickly”. ~ Jessica

“Thank you so much for today. I am so excited! My biggest takeaway – believe in myself!! And that my core negative beliefs may very well be my greatest strength”. ~ Maria

“I laugh longer and harder and feel emotionally connected to the laughter. I’ve always been a happy and productive person but I chose the Mood Makeover Method because I realized I needed to detox emotionally, I wasn’t showing up as my best self’. ~ Keosha

If you are ready to create a new perception about money that is safe and emotionally nourishing, join us for Bold & Booked as we will cover these perceptions and help you move beyond stagnation in your business. You’ll flow to next levels and work with a more experienced internal team and more exciting clientele.

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