Work with more committed clients each month through speaking and teaching.


October 3rd-5th, 2022 


 9:30 am-1:30 pm EDT



“The two words ‘information’ and ‘communication’ are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through.” -Sydney J. Harris

Have you ever felt that gap?  The information and knowledge you have and your ability to get it through to your audience? Most of us have been there. The key to closing that gap is effective communication.  To communicate effectively, we need to know how to speak publicly.  Why is that so important? Without the ability to speak with confidence, we fail to reach our audience. The information that we possess stays with us. It fails to impact others. What can we do so that our skills and knowledge are valued by our audience? How can we convert a curious audience into committed buyers?

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Secrets about Confident Speaking

  • Shy and introverted people can be dynamic speakers.
  • You do not need to reinvent the wheel with your content.
  • Boring speakers can learn to be dynamic, interesting, and fun.
If you believe in what you are teaching, you can be MOTIVATING & INSPIRING with any subject. I can SHOW you HOW! Join us for our special, 3-day LIVE event: Confident Speakers Bootcamp

October 3rd-5th, 2022 9:30 am-1:30 pm EDT

*Please note that those who register for this bootcamp are eligible for CEUs- Continued Education Units.

Confident Speakers Bootcamp

$97.00 USD

*Early bird Pricing

DAY 1-Feel courageous and confident when speaking and teaching. We’ll work on your mind and mood to help you find your own voice and the courage to use it to speak and teach to your audience.


DAY 2-Sign on more clients through speaking engagements. Learn what speaking engagements are and how to use them to expand your reach and add credibility to your brand.


DAY 3-Increase referrals and retention with exquisite teaching. Now that your clients have said yes, let’s not bore them to death! Use confident speaking skills to retain clients, get referrals and scale your business.

Confident Speakers Bootcamp VIP

$197.00 USD

You'll Get Everything In General Admission PLUS an additional DAY 4 session with exclusive access to:

  • Media contacts and learn how to promote yourself for interviews and speaking opportunities. This will get you direct access to audiences who are waiting for your offer.

  • Private Q&A session to get personalized support for your business.

  • Bio Audit – Bring your current Bio from 1 platform and learn how to turn it into a media bio.  Get personalized feedback to make it media ready for premiere speaking gigs! 


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