Holistic Events Checklist: 10 Steps to Earn 10K From Your Next Speaking Event

LOVE the world of holistic health! I was a natural “health junkie” most of my adult life. So, it was an obvious journey for me to become a Certified Holistic Professional. Now, I’ve had the joy of coaching more than 400 fellow “health junkies” to get beyond the plateaus in business and life.

I’ve developed a method that’s helped me and my clients captivate audiences as we speak and teach. I now host speaking events that consistently earn from $6-$30k. I’ve enjoyed more income than I could have imagined.


The 10 Checklist

If you are a Coach, Course Creator or Consultant in the Health & Wellness Industry, you are in a FANTASTIC industry. However getting your business to your next 10k may feel like mission impossible. I’m here to tell you it is not only possible, it’s easier than you think.

          ✔️  Be sure to know what your audience craves.

          ✔️  Create a tangible and juicy title.

          ✔️  Choose a date, time and length of event that works for you and your audience.

          ✔️  Create simple but powerful content for the event. Aim to inspire and motivate not over teach.

         ✔️  Interact with your audience before, during and after the event.

          ✔️  Work on your Mood and Mindset prior to the event.

          ✔️  Deliver your message with conviction, power and joy.

         ✔️  Polish your speaking skills so that your audience experiences a transformation DURING your event.

          ✔️  Showcase credibility before, during and after your event so that your audience knows they can trust you to get results.

          ✔️  Be visible – includes social media and a variety of speaking engagements outside of your events, monthly.

What’s Next???

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