As women, we tend to have a complicated relationship with our hair!

…and our bodies and, well lots of stuff LOL but let’s focus on hair for this article.

There are times I absolutely love my hair! The kinky texture, the versatility, and, how it frames my face, at the perfect length. Then, there are other times I WISH it would behave and do what I tell it to! ?

When my hair doesn’t look the way I want, it affects my confidence and how I show up in all that I do. Ever experience that?

Yet, this subject goes much deeper than a good or bad hair day. Periodically I’m reminded just how deep and painful it can go.

You see, my whole life I heard terms such as “good hair” and “bad hair”. Even as a child that entire concept was confusing. I loved my hair, I loved my white friend’s hair, and my mixed friend’s hair as well, I thought we were all so cute, LOL. So why was mine bad? It made no sense to me because when I looked in the mirror it always made me smile. Why did those differences brand me as “bad”, “not as pretty”?

Granted the comb-outs were NOT fun ? but I loved my fro, my blowouts, my press outs, and my braids! Recently, someone said to me that in their culture, a girl wouldn’t wear braids unless she had bad “nappy” hair because the good hair would never “need” to be covered. In an instant, I felt pain for all women, of all nationalities, shapes, sizes, and colors. Our whole lives we’ve been sized up and told what beauty is. Brainwashed into believing what to be proud of and when to feel shame. It reaches far and wide from our hair, our skin, our body, and even where we come from… it’s all so ridiculous.

What are the beliefs about confidence and beauty that help you to feel whole no matter what you see in the mirror? What are the beliefs that hold you back from feeling your best?

Have you ever wondered how these beliefs are affecting your level of success as a holistic business owner? To gain and maintain success in any business especially holistic, we MUST develop a connection with our audience. We have to be visible and hold a level of confidence to build a brand and business that people can trust. However, if all your life you’ve been taught in subtle and not-so-subtle ways that you aren’t enough, is that feeling lingering? Does it affect how you serve your community?

We teach holistic business owners (mostly women) how to confidently find their unique voice as speakers and teachers so that they can create change in the health and well-being of their audience and community.

Late February we are going to hit this and other topics head-on in a 3-day event that will change how you see yourself and how you advance your business. If you are ready to break through barriers that ignorance has saddled you with, you’ll love this event. On day 1 we’ll cover this topic and help you re-define confident speaking and teaching looks like.

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