10 Offer Ideas to Bring In the Next 10K for your Holistic Business

I LOVE the world of holistic health! I was a natural “health junkie” most of my adult life. So, it was an obvious journey for me to become a certified holistic professional. Now, I’ve had the joy of coaching more than 400 fellow “health junkies” to get beyond the plateaus in business.

I’ve developed a method that’s helped me and my clients captivate audiences as we speak and teach. I now host speaking events that consistently earn from $6-$30k. I’ve enjoyed more income than I could have imagined.

The 10 Offer Ideas

These offers can be priced anywhere from $997 to $5k and above. The great thing about these ideas is even at the lowest price point of $997, you would only need 10 clients to reach your next 10k. Exciting, right!

#1. Customized Regimens

          People are looking for personalization and customization. They want things that fit into their lifestyle and enhance the things they are already doing.

#1b. Themed blends or regimens with fun, benefit driven names such as:

                “Date night”

                “Happy teens”

                “Focused Energy”

                “I’m not really hungry”

#2. Daily Recipe Video or Audio Messaging

          Having a recipe or demo come right into your inbox or phone on a daily basis would be an amazing support for those who would like to get healthier. Whether it’s better nutrition, physical fitness, emotional support or dealing with chronic pain, daily routines make a huge difference in recovery. However, your clients may need more direct help. This could work for those in a variety of industries including:

  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Health Coach
  • Aromatherapists
  • Holistic Practitioners

#3. Done-for-You Services

          Is your ideal client extremely busy? Then no doubt they don’t have time to do all the things they need to do in order to become and stay healthy and happy. What can you take off their plates COMPLETELY? Meal prep? Getting their family involved in self-care and fitness? Purchasing equipment or supplements, scheduling doctors visits, going to their home or place of work for coaching calls? Options on this one are endless, have fun with it!

#4. Facilitator

          Take your teaching to the next level by guiding your clients through your process instead of just educating them. If you’ve developed an amazing method or process.. Hosting an event as a facilitator of either your process or another well known process like “tapping” for instance can be a really juicy offer for your clients.

#5. Email Support

          Ever thought of having an email campaign as an educational tool instead of just a promotional one? This is becoming a popular way to service busy audiences. Your clients may not have the time to sit in your zoom classroom. But, they may appreciate studying the information in their own time via email.

#6. Zoom Coaching

          During the pandemic, Zoom became the superstar for classrooms. Consider creating courses that you can teach your students live on Zoom or another online platform.

#7. Retreats

          This is a fantastic way to host a Mastermind or Facilitating event. Retreats are fun getaways to destinations your clients have been wanting to experience. Think of the Caribbean or someplace you LOVE going to on a vacation. These are the perfect spots to gather your clients with a high-ticket, high-value event.

#8 In-home workshops

          Home is where the heart is! An offer that takes you into your clients home is an ideal way to expand your audience in a comfy cozy environment for them and their friends and family. These are fantastic to teach a course, a method or a demo how best to use your product or service.

#9. Online Trainer

          Have you ever considered not only teaching your client how to do your method or process but actually watching them do it? If you are a fitness trainer, how much time do you spend in demo and how much time do you spend checking your clients form? Online training can become much more effective than in the gym training if you use a sharp and compassionate eye to watch your client through the process, adjusting them along the way to make sure they get every bit of result.

#10. Audio/Video Coaching Series

          This is another on-the-go coaching offer. With an audio or video series, your clients can take your coaching with them and 10x their results. When you make it easy for clients to absorb the information, compliance is less of an issue. When compliance is no longer an issue, here is when transformation happens. This also allows them to receive the information in shorter doses that fit their schedule and mental bandwidth.

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