What are Essential Oils?

Plants are a gift from our creator. From their beauty to their therapeutic benefit, I’m constantly in awe and grateful.

Ahhhhh, just thinking of the smell of roses brings a smile! Roses like certain other plants are derived from certain highly aromatic plants. If you are like me, you are excited to be able to get the benefits of plants even if you have a black thumb?

The plants that these oils are derived from contain chemical components similar to what is found in the human body. These components work very well within our bodies. Although the oil themselves are a foreign substance the body can benefit from its components.

Essential oils have been used for CENTURIES to assist humans and animals. They provide protection, motivation, and healing. The chemical components found in these oils affect nearly every system and organ in the body.

When seeking essential oils for therapeutic purposes, only organic or wild-harvested oils should be used. They should not be adulterated in any way to ensure you get the intended benefit.

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