How to do Steam Inhalation

Let’s get right into the instructions, please use the video below for a visual walkthrough.

Here is what you for your steam:

First, you need to get a pot of water ready. You want to put it on to boil, but you don’t want it to actually boil. You want it to where your finger can manage to touch it. Since your face is going to be down in there, let’s not let it boil. Make sure you lay it on a surface. I’m going to use my hubby as a Guinea pig here.

For the pot of water, we are trying to get one drop of essential oil in there. So now I’m pouring this, not from an orifice reducer so this is going to be tricky. I don’t want you doing it like this. Using this we got about two drops in there. That is all you will need. Normally the feeling is going to be ‘I’m really feeling bad, I want a good, nice steam’ and you’re going to want to put a bunch of drops in there, but you literally don’t need a lot. After you get your drops in the water you want to put your face over the pot, but not all the way into the pot. He’s just over it (see video).

The last piece is to pull a towel over your head and over the pot so that it’s all closed in, and it’s just you and your steam. If you start coughing it just means you have something going on in there that it is clearing up. I’ll just have him do five or 10 of those breaths. Just to clear out that airway.

I’ve been doing this a lot, you know, since we’ve had respiratory issues running around, there’s been a lot of trouble breathing. So I’ve been doing this a lot with allergies, with bugs, all that kind of thing. So this is just a fantastic way to do your steam. You’ll see the recipe that I used up on the screen, and there are plenty more of those. Look out for more of these videos coming soon.

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