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Are you a talented coach struggling with your mood
and disappointing revenue?

Our programs teach how we use aromatherapy for emotional excellence and a flourishing holistic practice. 

Coaches unlock their fullest potential

The Mood Makeover Method is a program that helps coaches and wellness professionals find emotional vibrance. Here you’ll learn how to deepen connections, heal old wounds, change negative thought loops that have been holding you back for YEARS. Here is where it all comes together to LIVE with internal peace. We use holistic aromatherapy, aroma tapping, breathwork and a few other holistic modalities to help our clients gain and sustain emotional clarity, regulation and peace.

The Holistic Champions school is where wellness professionals come to expertly integrate essential oils into their practice and scale their business while enjoying the build. No more chasing clients. Show up as a professional educator and expert in your field. Learn to attract your ideal audience to your programs again and again.

Sydni Craig-Hart

"I was constantly looking for relief to my too busy schedule. I wanted to build better wellness habits. The Mood Makeover Method taught me how simple self-care can be. I've learned how to nourish my body and rest my mind. I now use aromatherapy and Renee's methods to support my lifestyle and meet my goals."

Keosha Jones

" I chose the Mood Makeover Method because I realized I needed to detox emotionally to be my best self. This program has changed my mood in so many ways! I laugh longer, harder, and feel emotionally connected to the laughter. I'm the happiest I've ever been. I'm no longer afraid to be vulnerable and I can receive the feeling of being special"

Jessica Koufos

"My mood was terrible, I was having panic attacks frequently and I wanted transformation and growth. Through The Mood Makeover Method I've learned how to release those traumas and feelings I've stuffed so far down and held on for so long. Now I'm no longer having panic attacks, I've learned how to get rid of negative thought loops and allow myself to be happy."



Masks…they’ve become a very familiar part of our lives over the last year or so. Some of us wore them because they were required. Some of us wore them because they made us feel safe. Those physical masks came with many pros and cons that will probably continue to be debated for a very long time. But, have you ever wondered what life would be like without your emotional mask?
We wear emotional masks for much the same reason as we’ve worn the physical ones. Sometimes its because we don’t feel safe to be seen and heard as the person we are, feeling woefully inadequate we feel pain is inevitable if we divulge the real person inside, so we cover up to stay protected. For some us, we may feel we were never given permission to be open, thus the required mask.
Yet, going through that journey and removing my mask brought me exceptional joy and peace.  Living life without a mask meant finding the real me.  I had to get to know me at deeper levels first. I got to know me, I found things I wasn’t too fond of, and I learned what needed to be changed within me and I did it without self hatred. I came to know and love my quirky introverted nature. I found my talents, strengths and real desires. I found my why’s at the deepest level. I discovered why I enjoyed depth versus noise and why meaningful conversation deeply touched me whereas small talk exhausted my soul. That knowledge brought me incredible internal peace, greatly increasing my joy. It made me a better coach, friend, wife, sister, minister, teacher and human.




Our program members are reporting they are happier than they've ever been, rekindling relationships, redefining emotionally draining relationships, and discovering their authentic selves. They are thriving in every aspect of life because they are emotionally regulated.
We believe success comes when you align your desires and responsibilities. Closing the gap between what you do and what you want to do. It's a recipe for deep internal peace and high achieving success.











"I joined Holistic Champions because although I am an Aromatherapist I felt lost and overwhelmed about marketing myself. This program helped me focus, get the right mindset and move through emotional blocks that were stalling my progress. I now understand how to market myself with joy and authenticity. The result is a coaching program with a focus on hormonal support, it's a dream come true!"

NM Charles

"Holistic Champions was the right choice for me because I wanted to be an essential oils specialist. I've now become an expert in over 20 essential oils. This course and community has been a source of knowledge and a safe haven for me to learn and grow. I'm thrilled that Dania & I are now launching SHE flows Executive, a hormonal support program for women who want to be the boss of their hormones."

Clayre Reyes

"I am very proud of what I've achieved since enrolling in Holistic Champions. I'm extremely grateful for the support of Renèe, Lackesha and the rest of the team. I am blown away with the results my clients are getting. They are achieving self awareness, releasing emotional toxins and communicating like never before. I came into this program with zero knowledge and now I'm a certified essential oils specialist and I've launched my own program "






Expertise is essential when it comes to creating transformational results for yourself and your clients. Holistic Champions school is designed to make you a sought after wellness expert not only with essential oils but in developing an entire program that gets results for your clients.
Holistic champions is a hybrid essential oil certification and expert marketing course. Imagine your ideal clients calling, texting and DM'ing you because they cannot wait to get into your coaching program. This is the type of attraction we teach you in this course.







Two amazing programs dramatic results

The Power of
Essential oils & The Mind

The Mood Makeover Method will teach you how to access the limbic system and align your desires and actions. You’ll find inner peace, clarity, authenticity and your best mood EVER!

Expand your reach and create

Holistic champions teaches wellness professionals how to create their greatest impact in the industry. Students learn to create  impactful coaching programs that create transformations for their clients. 

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