Help Your Body Fight Back

What are Essential Oils?

 Essential Oils are highly aromatic substances found in specialized cells of certain plants. Technically, when this substance is in the plant, it is called an “essence.” After distillation of a single type of plant, the aromatic substance is referred to as an essential oil. Essential oils may be used by plants for protection from predators, to attract pollinators, or for other unknown uses.

how Do You Use Them?

Essential oils can be diffused, inhaled, used topically, sprayed into the air or surfaces and with proper guidance certain FDA approved oils can be taken internally .

How do You Get them?

Look for brands that say 100% pure, therapeutic grade, organic, wild harvested or wild crafted. Most importantly look for oils that have been third party GC/MS tested. All the oils we recommend are GC/MS tested and have direct relationships with the distillers and farms. Some own their own farms and are the distiller of their product. If you need support purchasing oils either contact the person who referred you to us or contact us here

Which Membership Is Right For You?

This first part of this video will help you decide which membership is right for you (1:00-8:36 mins).Then we move on to the on-boarding process! So if you need support getting started you are in the right place.Expect amazing results with this program! It’s going to worth it a hundred times over. 

Help Your body fight back

The mission of The Aromaspecialist Program is to arm our members with education and coaching to unleash the full power of essential oils, aromatherapy and plant based solutions into their lives. To reduce those moments of panic and fear when it seems no comfort is in sight. To provide effective, reliable and responsible guidance to help your body fight back with aromatherapy!

Basic Membership



  • Unlimited Group Coaching
  • Weekly Q&A Group Coaching Session
  • Invitation to secreet FB Group
  • Reduce anxious days and nights
  • Discover new blends and supplements
  • Educated and personalized guidance to increase results
  • Reduce that 1 to a 10 discomfort
  • Improve sleep

Private Sessions



  • Get everything in our basic membership, PLUS:
  • Monthly private coaching sessions
  • Specialized coaching in a secret FB group
  • Expert coaching that will save you HUNDREDS of $$$
  • Educated guidance saving HUNDREDS of hours in online research

Become an



  • Everything in our Private Sessions Package PLUS:
  • Weekly private coaching sessions.
  • Education and guidance as you share oils
  • Expert training to build a business with essential oils
  • Build compliantly, effectively, and responsibly
  • This training is beneficial for certified coaches, health practitioners, natural product makers such as soap and hair care product makers, & essential oil MLM companies (all companies welcome, see disclosure below)

What is an Aromaspecialist?

An Aromaspecialist is a person who has a passion for Aromatherapy. They do not rely on random online searches for their wellness instead they have become well educated on how to use essential oils safely and effectively from a reliable and certified source. They are not your average oils user, they know and understand the oils, where they come from and how to use them effectively. They are experienced users who upgrade the entire essential oils community.

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