Business IS Personal

I’ve often said, “It’s not personal; it’s business.” While I make some decisions in the business world that I wouldn’t personally, the reality is that business and personal life are not separate. As an entrepreneur, I am constantly reminded of how deeply my business affects my personal life and vice versa. This interconnection is both the reward and sacrifice of business ownership, and it’s a trade-off I willingly accept.

But how can we maximize these rewards and minimize the sacrifices to enrich both life and business?

Here are some strategies:

Embrace Your Personal Identity in Business: Your values, viewpoints, passions, joys, and pet peeves should influence how you shape your brand and mission statement. Let them guide your decision-making process.

Alignment is Key: Aligning personal and professional goals is critical for a rich and fulfilling life as business owners.

An aligned mission will help you:

  1. Work with the RIGHT clients: Engage with clients who make going to work enjoyable rather than stressful. Don’t take every client who has the ability to pay. Take (and keep) only the ones who line up with what you have built (or are building) you will notice a beautiful experience for you and your team not to mention profits will soar.
  2. Build the RIGHT team and put them in the RIGHT Seats: Team members quickly become family and sometimes family become team members. This can get wayyyy tricky so be cautious here. Make sure there is a real and lasting mutual respect and trust that will ride out any storms. Just because you value someone it doesn’t always mean they are in alignment. You may have significantly different ideas of what it means to be honest, respectful, generous, proactive, timely, loving, kind, intentional etc… don’t assume here. Ask questions and keep asking them. These open conversations will ensure you are working with the right team members and that you have them in the right seat in your organization.
  3. Have the RIGHT offer: Listen, it is more than ok to pivot or rebrand altogether. If you have changed, grown, simplified, taken on other interest etc… it IS going to impact your business. Don’t do the square peg, round whole thing… it’s just exhausting and doesn’t work. As entrepreneurs, we spend a good bit of our lives in our work. It’s just a fact. But if you are spending too many of those hours working and that is not in alignment with your values, it’s time to pivot. If you find that working with your clients makes you exhausted and unhappy it might be the client, or it may be the offer, meaning it’s no longer lining up with what you want to be doing and it’s time to PIVOT.
  4. Use the RIGHT processes: Your struggles might stem from outdated processes or tools. Assess whether they still serve your current mission, goals, and values. Comfort is the ENEMY of Progress. Please do not be afraid to take a real look at these things and implement a change when it is warranted. Every cell in your body will thank you when you do this.
  5. Make the RIGHT investments: You’ve been investing in your business a long time. Some were great investments with good ROI… others were not. Learn when is the right time to invest, as well as what wise investments are. Doing this will bring a richness in your profits and fulfillment in the way you are running your business.

Alignment between business and personal can mean the difference between being 7-Figure Poor and 7-Figure Rich.

Randy and I are partnering with established business owners to transition from being time poor, profit poor, priority poor, and mindset poor to rich in all these aspects. Be wise enough and brave enough to know when it’s time to pivot!

DM us PIVOT and let’s talk about it.

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