Behind Aroma Success Show- Danyielle Nelson

Easy Home Care: Simplied Wellness for Home Users

Danyielle (Dani) Nelson is a wife, ‘Momtie’ (Aunt Mom) in addition to being a Licensed Social Worker, Certified Aromatherapist, Lifestyle Coach, and published Author. She has a zeal for learning and sharing to help others. Childhood health challenges have led to her thirst for acquiring knowledge about all-inclusive self-care. She believes in naturally enhancing the quality of life. She humbly dubs herself ‘Natural Ally D’, because she is your ally in the world of building true wellness with simplicity. Her personal mantra is “Let us continue to Learn. Grow. Share. Together. Naturally.”

She has combined her passion for Social Work with Aromatherapy education. This marriage gave birth to her first course, “Aromabuds and Blossoms” educating novice home users, helping professionals and their clients seeking natural ways to wellness on the benefits of using essential oils. Additionally, for professionals, she helps them understand the benefits of aromatherapy and provides them with tools they need to suggest or refer it as a complement to their work with clients. With an emphasis on safety, she provides a simple step-by-step process for selecting and using them effectively.

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