Behind Aroma Success Show with The Laurens

Here’s a special episode of Behind Aroma Success Show.

Meet The Laurens.

Lauren Shaw and Lauren Capwell, AI Business Strategists and the founder of Automate 2 Elevate (A2E). 

Lauren Shaw is a tech-savvy serial entrepreneur, with 16 years of experience in entrepreneurship, high-ticket coaching, sales, and online course creation. While, Lauren Capwell is an aerospace engineer with 11 years of experience designing, building, and launching rockets. She’s a master trainer with experience managing a team of 30 engineers.

With their unique combined experience, they are your dream team guides that will support you in learning and leveraging the power of AI.

If you want to learn the systems, strategies, and tools to harness AI and automate repetitive tasks, join the A2E coaching program. It will be a 12-week coaching program and will start on Nov. 1, 2023.

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Watch the full episode below:

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