Holistic Champions


what is this program?

This is a fully customizable and personalized program aimed at improving your mood, messaging, and speaking as you grow your business. It will allow you to get what you.


  • Feel excited and full of energy as you grow your business
  • Develop business strategies that make you feel unstoppable
  • Give a flawless and authentic presentation
  • Speak at any event with confidence
  • Get more committed and loyal clients
  • Get more ‘YESES’ from clients
  • Stop burnout before it starts

Meet Your Coach/Instructor

Renée Hughes the Founder of the Aromspecialists and a Certified Professional Aromatherapist, Certified Natural Health Consultant, and Holistic Coach Mentor.

How we do it:

We have 10 specific and customizable session categories that will be personalized to each client.

  • VIP days consist of 4-hour sessions at the beginning where we have business coaching sessions and a simultaneous tech breakout room.
  • You can also schedule a quick win- 4 hour VIP session to get the top of mind issue solved.

Meet Your Coach/Instructor

Renée Hughes the Founder of the Aromspecialists and a Certified Professional Aromatherapist, Certified Natural Health Consultant, and Holistic Coach Mentor.

Choose from Any of our VIP sessions

Session a

Business Needs Assessment Sessions

  • Determine goals and game plan for the next 90-day 
  • Develop new messaging and speaking strategies
  • Tweak existing strategies without losing focus
  • Asses tech, team, and marketing needs to identify training and placement needs
  • Messaging Review - messaging that needs updating presentations, social, emails etc.
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    Session b

    Mood & Energy Clinic Sessions:

  • How to take confidence and energy to the next level.
  • Remove energetic blocks to growth.
  • How to move into fearless unstoppable action consistently.
  • Review/update the mission statement to get the fire in the belly burning. motivating you and your team to unstoppable action.
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    Session C

    Sales Funnel Sessions

  • Create, Simplify or Update the current sales funnel. From lead magnet to client sign-up.
  • Automate sales with evergreens.
  • Review and close gaps in messaging. Web pages, emails, DM’s, social assessments, and most marketing materials
  • Market research for messaging influence so that your words reach the heart of potential client
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    Session D


  • Find your voice and style of speaking.
  • Review current speaking gigs for feedback and improvement.
  • Training for closing on sales calls.
  • Social Media training for lives and social assessments.
  • Assistance on getting speaking gigs and sending media pitches.
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    Session E

    create a course training session

  • Create an ideal course that students will LOVE.
  • Develop details of the curriculum.
  • Marketing your school organically and professionally.
  • Get students, referrals, and retention in your school.
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    Session F


  • Develop the perfect offering for your current client base
  • Upsell/VIP Program to retain client relationships and keep giving value
  • Downsell offer or program for those who want help but aren’t ready for your full program
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    Session G

    social media training

  • Simple and painless strategies to engage on social media to meet new clients
  • Integrity-based social selling/assessment with prospective clients
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    Session H


  • Instructor coaching shows you how to deliver to your clients in a way that keeps their attention and gives them value. You’ll have
  • incredible retention and tons of referrals Keep your prospects, students and clients engaged and excited to work with you.
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