Meet Our Holistic Champions

We are a small community of powerhouse coaches and holistic professionals.
In less than a year, we’ve had over 400 professionals go through our workshops. And 20 private clients/students have come through our school’s full program. We are so proud of each and every one of these amazing, hardworking students. 
Take a look at the impact they are already creating in the holistic community and their incredible results! 

Some "Aha!" Moments from Our Students

Thrive With Nikita

Nikita Williams, Business & Mindset Coach

What I loved about Holistic Champions is that it’s designed to work within your existing coaching program. It really helped me to develop more layers into my core foundation as a coach.
My last launch was probably the biggest launch that I’ve had in my business.

Composed Warriors Roots of Relief

LeeApril Burton, Pain Management Coach

I began my essential oils journey working with Doterra. I LOVE the oils but wanted more education. I’ve gotten more from this school than expected. I began working with clients and teaching them how to use the oils to profoundly benefit themselves even when in the hospital.
My confidence has grown and I’m now even working as a Case Study Manager helping others with their clients, it feels amazing!

She Flows Aromatic

Dania Sanon, Certified Aromatherapist, She Flows Aromatic

After seeing how effective essential oils are, I wanted to learn more about them, the chemistry, the therapeutic properties, and safe usage.
The Holistic Champions program really got me focused and it broke down the anatomy of marketing funnels. The one-on-one sessions allowed for us to get further guidance that was specific to each of our needs. It was the best decision I could have made.

Happy Curls Academy

Michelle Blackwell, Hair Stylist & Natural Products Maker

I joined Holistic Champions because I wanted to incorporate essential oils in my beauty products for the hair and for the skin.
I enrolled in Holistic Champions to learn more about essential oils and was blown away at the level of marketing knowledge and support to my business that I received. 

It was worth twice the investment!

My Carbon Self

Clayre Reyes, Certified Essential Oils Specialist

It has helped me tremendously just in a few months. I’ve learned so much.
I came into the program with zero knowledge about program coaching, essential oils and now I have learned how to have my own case studies, learned about my funnel, and how to start my practice. 
I am grateful for the guidance that Renee Hughes and her team, including Lackesha, provided to all of us.”

Life By Design

Jennie Emory, Certified Essential Oil Specialist

This school helped me to understand ethical guidelines and plant-based chemistry as well as business strategies necessary for me to grow my business.
The Aromaspecialists team is great and makes the classes engaging and fun, even the parts on chemistry. The team is with you every step of the way, I love it!
Being a part of Holistic Champions has helped me personally and professionally. It helped me to rediscover my identity after a life of caregiving. And now I’m able to pay it forward, to help others live their life by design.

Pink Productivity Coaching

Keosha Jones, Productivity Coach

When I saw the power of aromatherapy in my life through Renèe’s Mood Makeover Method program, I realized this would be exactly what my clients would need for full transformation.
I got everything I was looking for with Holistic Champions, fantastic business strategies, knowledge of chemistry and safety for me and my clients and I was able to develop my Aroma Focus program. 
I had a record number of women attend my live event and learned how to communicate with my audience in a way that makes working with me a no brainer. I love where I am in my business right now!

Mindy's Mobile

Mindy Martindale, Doterra Sales Rep & Certified Essential Oils Specialist

I’ve been a successful doTERRA representative for more than 10 years but I now have more confidence and knowledge.
Holistic Champions has taken my business in a new direction, I LOVED the Holistic Champions school, and the interaction with the instructors and other students.
My life has changed since I started this program!

SJ Wellness Counseling

Dr. Sheila Johnson, Holistic Practitioner

I now have learned so much about the source & chemistry of essential oils that now I can say that I feel more confident in using essential oils in working with clients.
I will gladly refer anyone who is a wellness professional, who is looking to further their knowledge about essential oils & are wanting to incorporate essential oils into their wellness practice to look no further than the Holistic Champions Program!
I just want to say thank you for the program and its educational modules in helping me to understand in detail the beauty of the world of Aromatherapy.

Wellness Chick Confidence Coaching

Amy Robinson, Holistic Certified Confidence & Trauma Aware Coach

“I’m so grateful to work with Holistic Champions program because it has expanded my capacity and mindset on so many levels. As someone who was already a successful coach coming into the program, I have truly grown into who I see myself being after this program!
I’ve always wanted to be a certified aromatherapist so it was a no-brainer to work with Renee but I didn’t realize I would grow so much in such a short period of time with the confidence to scale my business to 6-figures and beyond! This well-rounded program is EXACTLY what I needed and I can’t wait to see who I will be by this time next year!”

Holistic Integrations Oral Health Coaching

Calandra Farley, Oral Health Coach

I have really enjoyed having a supportive community of like-minded women who spur me on, who can relate to my struggles, and who provide encouragement and support. Also, I have learned the value of taking imperfect action.

MT Aromatic Life

Monna Tang, Registered Aromatherapist RA® Yoga Teacher

“I appreciate the opportunities we get to put into practice what we’ve learned during our implementation sessions. The support that I’ve received from Renee and the team, has been invaluable so far. “

Keosha Helped Her Clients to Experience the Growth

See how Keosha was able to have a successful launch and scale her coaching practice. 
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Nikita's Clients Had Whole Life Transformations

Take a look at the dramatic results Nikita is getting with her clients now that she has integrated essential oils into her business mindset coaching practice.

Dania, Already a Certified Aromatherapist Needed Help to Build a Coaching Practice

See how Dania was able to get what she needed from the program to create a connection with her clients and better meet their needs. She went on to be the co-founder of She Flows Aromatics a successful hormonal support coaching program.
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Michelle Was Able to Bring More Value to Her Customers

See how Michelle was helped in Holistic Chamions to grow her business in ways she had not anticpated.

What Holistic Champions Clients are Now Experiencing

"Client is full of energy and able to focus on work."

"Client can work longer without getting in bed to rest due to less fatigue."

Client can “tell a difference of 1-2 points of reduction in pain.”

Patient reports “no PTSD episodes" and notes “more positivity and interest in others.”

Client has “More sound sleep...Feels refreshed upon waking.”

Client was excited to call me and tell me the protocols were working for her.

“Client's productivity increased overall in life and with business.”

“Client's feelings of overwhelm down to 1/5 to be able to accomplish tasks.”

“Client is able to use strategies with oils and deep breathing effectively.”

“Prior to using oils client's highest distraction/anxiety level was 8-10/10. Due to using aromatherapy it's now 3/10."

“Client’s quality of sleep is better."

“Client says the blends are working wonders."

“Client's son notices a change in her mood."

Client feels a “sense of calmness and tranquility."

Client says that she was helped to realize that “self-investment is a must."

“Client says she felt comfortable during sessions and could easily open up."

“Client says she is no longer suffering from the runny nose or headaches she had previously."

“Client notices that his mood is light...and he has more energy throughout the day."

“Client was very relaxed and open about using the oils."

“Client said she had some stomach issues... but using her Inhaler helped her symptoms to subside."

“The sweet Basil and Juniper have really been helping the client to feel grounded and calm thereby helping her to complete her tasks."

“Client is enjoying her blend. It has become a support for her when she wakes up in the middle of the night. It calms her nerves."

“Client spoke with her doctor and updated her on how she is doing and the doctor sees improvement in her general health."

“Client says she is enjoying the blend... It instantly calms her."