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Advance Your Holistic Business Through Captivating Speaking


This if for you if:

You are a seasoned Aromatherapist or holistic practitioner

You want a fully booked business

You want to improve your speaking skills

You feel confident speaking but not signing on the kind of clients you want

After you speak and sign on clients they want to change what you offer to them 

You haggle over pricing

You want to get invited to high profile opportunities to speak

You want to elevate your messaging  and discover how you can move your audience to action when you speak

You want to enroll more clients that you enjoy working with

You want to enjoy sales conversations

You want to enhance your mood and mindset to deliver when you do get invited to speak

Ready for a fully-booked business?

A new year always comes with new opportunities, doesn’t it?

Hopefully it’s been an opportunity for you to focus on an attitude of looking at life honestly…

…and dreaming about what you want for yourself & your business!

I’m so glad you chose to be a part of this community – because here there’s also an opportunity to learn, grow & make awesome progress!

You’re with us, because I know you’re fuelled by the DESIRE to

      🌸 hit those dreamy 6-figure months with your aromatherapy-based business

      🌸 become a certified aromatherapist

      🌸 or include aromatherapy in your holistic practice

All pretty great reasons, if I do say so myself 😉

I also know that you’re in it knee-deep, day in and day out, building & growing your business to serve those who need you the most.

You’re putting in those hours to be recognised as the go-to person in your field of genius, to create meaningful content, to attract your ideal clients (and the list could go on for ages, but we both know what this whole business thing takes, so I won’t bore you!)

…all while spending that face-to-face time with those who’ve invested in your offer!

It’s a lot to juggle (I know).

And I also know that you haven’t come this far on your journey to get lost, to hit that wall or lose steam to get ahead.

Right now, we know that bringing stability + consistency to your business would be a-may-zing

… and boosting your confidence to get out there and magnetically draw your clients to you would be even more amazing, right?

But the question is “What do you do about it?”

There are plenty of successful holistic entrepreneurs out there preaching all sorts of tactics, tips & tricks.

Some work, some don’t – that’s not important. We’re all different and need different things for our business at different times!

But there’s one thing I believe that’s crucial for us (beyond time & talent!)

And it’s how we SPEAK about our work & our business, and how we open people’s eyes to the gift we have to make their lives so much better.

➡️ This idea (and mastery) of speaking with confidence + conviction was a GAME-CHANGER for me!

Speaking through social media, in-person, giving webinars, on sales calls – the form doesn’t matter.

What matters is our messaging and how we’re sharing that with the world.

➡️ It directly impacts your desire to earn those 6 figures, to serve more people & fulfill more of your potential.

When I mastered this, it was like I had a special, shiny key in my hand that unlocked those mysterious doors in my business!

I attracted my ideal clients, I was absolutely clear on my mission, I no longer felt squeamish about trying to “convince” people to invest their time & money in me.

Confidence levels shot up.

And it all became a delicious circle of momentum.

Clearer, more confident speaking = more clients = more confidence = more reach to those I love to serve!

But why did I say that it’s beyond time & talent?

Because the best time to master speaking about your business & your beautiful offer was yesterday – no matter where you are in your journey.

And because you don’t need a special talent to talk to people.

You just need to understand what’s holding you back, how to approach it (& reverse it!), and what forms of speaking are best for you!

And this can be done by anyone…of any personality type, any age & stage of business.

So, there are no excuses, are there? 😉

The only thing you need is a thirst to learn…

…and someone to help you uncover what’s holding you back & give you those crucial foundations to kick-start your new, powerful way of speaking!

➡️ And I’d love to be that ‘someone’ for you.

All it takes is 4 hours a day, for 3 (deep-dive, fun-packed) days at our Bold & Booked virtual experience (for only $97).

At the end of this, you’ll know exactly what’s holding you back from speaking with clarity + confidence, and how to overcome it!

And, what forms of speaking to focus on depending on where you’re at in your business.

No more getting lost, hitting that wall or losing steam to get ahead…or asking yourself why sealing the deal with your best clients is so hard (trust me, it’s not!).

Instead, use captivating speaking to:

      🌸 get those high-quality, committed clients

      🌸 get invited to speak at your dream event or on your dream platform

      🌸 and close those sales calls with ease

Hope to see you over in Bold & Booked – it’s the only guide you need to a fully booked business through captivating speaking!

Click here for more details & grab your early-bird ticket (valid until 10th February).

If you’re a skim reader, join us in the Bold & Booked virtual experience:

→ learn why your messaging & speaking are crucial for stability & growth in your business

→ how to overcome what’s stopping you from speaking about your offer with confidence

→ what forms of speaking to focus on

→ and how to get invited to speak in front of your dream audience!

Join us on 20 – 23 February – get your early-bird ticket by 10 February 😉

I can’t wait to guide you on your journey to a fully booked business through captivating speaking!

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