Are you ready to unlock the power of your voice to engage more clients and advance your Clinical Practice or School?

Join us at our upcoming Bold and Booked

A 5-day Hands-on Training to Advance your Clinical Practice or School through Captivating Speaking!

July 24th - 27th, 2023 VIP Day: July 28th, 2023

*Alternative times are available. Please inquire at to learn more.

You'll learn how to earn MORE and work LESS!
Its all in the way that you speakūüéô
Here is what we will cover:

Be CLEAR on what your CURRENT Audience Wants
so that you can...

Organically Grow Your Email List With An ENGAGED Audience

Get comfortable & Clear on your Packages & Pricing and Finally...

Enjoy Sales Conversations

Elevate Your Messaging
and discover how you can...

Move Audience To Action When You Speak

Step up to the mic
in a way that allows you to...

Enroll More Clients Who Are Ready To Work With You

Move hearts and minds when you speak
to create transformation and...

Get More Invitations To Speak

Advance your mood and mindset
and be ready to create...

Speaking strategies that lead to high profile opportunities

I’m Ren√®e Hughes, a 6-figure Aromatherapist & Holistic Coach Mentor.
I’ll help you touch the lives of more people by showing you how to express your message on more stages. As your audience experiences your gifts, you’ll find yourself Bold & Joyfully Booked in no time!

General Admission

Bold and Booked Speakers Training
$ 57
  • We will work on your business together for 4 days. Enhancing your messaging and speaking skills
  • No note taking and observing. Get busy in real time making important moves in your business
  • Speaking strategies to use right now to promote and advance your business
  • Talk about your business in a way that gets more invitations and quality clients
  • Valuable networking opportunities. Meet other industry pros for collaboration and partnership

VIP Upgrade

Bold and Booked Speakers Training
$ 157
  • Next level support including:
  • Anything under the General Admission plus
  • Direct access to our most up to date media contacts and training on how to approach them
  • Attract media and podcasters with our media bio training
  • Identify gaps in your business evaluation using our R.E.V.E.A.L method.

Become The Speaker They Can't Stop Listening To!

Move your audience to take action so that any time you speak on stage, you’re making an impact. Whether virtual or in person, whether to a small group or large group, you’ll learn how to use speaking as the easier and faster way to grow your business

Attendees Rave About this !!!!
LeeApril B.
Read More
Bold & Booked helped my confidence to know that even though there is a lot of saturation, I am still unique in my field. Today is amazing. Greater clarity confidence!
Nancy L.
Read More
I am convinced there is language the can be used for word of mouth at the very least. I like the zone of genius exercise...very clarifying. Would definitely consider writing as "speaking"!
Debrah N.
Read More
I knew I needed to learn how to get my message out, Knowing how to do something is one thing, but getting out to the public is a whole different thing. Fear, but since working with Renee there are very positive results!!!
Read More
When I speak, I sometimes struggle with confidence. I feel like an imposter. Bold and Booked taught me the importance of being specific in my business goals and finding my Zone of genius.
Fran G.
Read More
When I attended the AIA monthly meeting, Renee mentioned something about gaining clarity on your message, about branding. Bold & Booked helps me getting clear on describing what it is that I do, getting specific about what problem I am solving and what are the results clients will experience. Will definitely marinate more on that a bit.
Lucretia B.
Read More
B&B is what I needed to help me start my business!
Kika M.
Read More
I thought I need to take my business to the next level. I need my " clear messaging", so I can speak at virtual events. When I see seasoned Aromatherapists speaking, I see myself doing the same thing. I can visualize my success as a speaker. I just need to get there. And Bold & Booked shifted my perception that it is DOABLE!
Amy S.
Read More
Bold and Booked has shifted my feeling that the more confident that my experience with my own healing and speaking from that place is best!

Guest Instructor Training Rooms

Easy Financial Strategies for
High-Profile Professionals

H.Randy Hughes III, CPA, EA
Randy specializes in helping high profile business owners avoid expensive mistakes that could ruin their reputation or shut down their business.

Linkedin Strategies for Holistic Professionals

Linkedin Strategies Expert
Helping artists based businesses such as aromatherapy and holistic practices to create a Linkedin strategy that is enjoyable, productive and never overwhelming.


This training is designed exclusively for clinical aromatherapists & holistic coaches, consultants, and course creators, who want to learn how to captivate their audience and be recognized as an authority in their industry!

The training will be held on July 24-27, 2023 for General Admission and July 28 for VIP. Time is 9:30-2:30pm each day.

Yes! We are bringing in 2 guest instructors to help you with:

Linkedin strategies especially for our industry 

A CPA firm that specializes in tax planning and resolution for businesses

It’s your home, office, wherever you are! This event is entirely online.

No. While the sessions will be recorded, it will not be provided to attendees.

We encourage you to make every effort to attend each session! This is priceless time to work on your business. You’ll want to be in a place to be fully engaged for each day of the training. It will be worth the time investment, we promise!

Nope! Trust that each session is going to be valuable. We want you to be part of every session because each one builds upon the other.  

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