Meet Our Mood Makeover Method Program Members!

We have been able to help so many talented but energetically exhausted professionals remove the barriers to a deeply satisfying home life.
See how they were helped to gain personal peace, clarity, and a deeper connection so that they could have a better mood! 

Our Clients Learned to Smile on the Inside

Jennie Emory

Transformational Coach

“This program has been a lifesaver for me!”

“The Year 2020 was profound: Suddenly losing my husband (married close to 41 years) and taking early retirement from my job. Renee helped me to see that there were emotional blocks that prevented me from moving forward in my personal life, therefore, impeding the growth of my business.

I have always been the caregiver, making sure others are accommodated but really I neglected myself and did not practice what I preach! Now, using Renee’s techniques, I am practicing self-care and I am motivating others to do the same!”

LeeApril Burton

Certified Pain Management Specialist

“I am so excited about being able to push through challenges even when I’m afraid to mess up.”

“In our first group session of the month, there were some things that came out that were truly profound. So much so that I saw myself back when I was a young girl feeling completely dejected by everyone, including my siblings.
These past few days I have done lots of tapping, breath work, being mindful, and meditation the way Renèe Hughes teaches it. Slowly but surely I’m realizing something new in me is emerging.”

Mary Mongrut


“I LOVE My Experience Now…I’m Better Able To Control My Depression”

“Before working with Renèe I had a lot of anxiety. I felt stressed all the time and had negative thoughts about myself. In addition to that was significant arthritis pain. I LOVE my experience now. I have a lot less anxiety and I am better able to control my depression and negative thoughts. A nice and surprising side effect is that I’ve had a reduction in arthritis pain.

Jason Winters

Certified EFT, Mindset, & Holistic Health Coach

“I Was Able To Remove Stuck Energy Faster And Show Up Better In My Business.”​

“I wanted to work with Renèe on some stuck energy I was having around my business. Renee really helped me to clear that energy much faster than typically happens. The addition of the oils makes a huge difference.
It’s wonderful to be able to go deeper level and have it translate into my daily life such as SHOWING UP DIFFERENTLY with my team, being excited about my business, and completing projects faster and with JOY!

Sydni Craig-Hart

CEO, Smart Simple Marketing

“I Wanted To Build Better Wellness Habits…I Now Have Simple Routines To Nourish My Body And Help Rest My Mind.”

“I used to think self-care meant I had to go to the spa or on vacation. I was constantly looking for relief to my too-busy schedule and all of the demands on my time and energy. I wanted to build better wellness habits and I needed to have a simple, self-care routine to nourish my body and help rest my MIND. 
Renee taught me how simple self-care can be. I’ve learned good habits that have helped me to relax my mind and BOOST my immune system. I have simple routines that I can follow and I know how to use aromatherapy to support my lifestyle and meet my goals.”

Keosha Jones

Productivity Coach

“I laugh longer and harder and feel emotionally connected to the laughter.”

“I chose the Mood Makeover Method because I realized I needed to detox emotionally to be my best self. This program has changed my mood in so many ways! I laugh longer, harder, and feel emotionally connected to the laughter.
I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I’m no longer afraid to be vulnerable and I can receive the feeling of being special.”

Meet Tavia Gilchrist

See how The Mood Makeover Method kept her and her family grounded. 
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Meet Nikita Williams

Learn how she found emotional and physical support for dealing with multiple chronic illnesses.  

Meet Jessica Koufos

Watch how she successfully overcame anxiety and panic attacks
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How the Mood Makeover Method Affects Our Loved Ones

See the amazing effects of the Mood Makeover Method through the eyes of the spouse of one of its past members.