Get Invited to Speak:

The Clinical Practitioners Guide to Changing Lives Through Speaking


Are you ready to boost your business with powerful speaking?

As a therapist, licensed counselor, aromatherapist, or clinical practitioner, you have the power to change lives with your voice.
Learn to unleash you inner speaker and watch your business soar! Learn to use your speaking skills to connect with your listeners and boost your business.
It’s time to leave your fears and doubts behind and embrace the power of captivating speaking that will move your audience to action.
I always resisted the idea of visibility. I wanted to quietly meet and serve my clients without a lot of fanfare. When I experienced the power of visibility through speaking, my brand grew wings.
So, take this powerful step towards transforming your business and reaching more people than ever before!

During this training, you will discover how to…


✅ Establish an authentic brand voice to draw your niche specific audience (even if you feel you don’t have interesting things to talk about)

✅ From clinical to practical, expertly STAND OUT as a speaker to get your audience to listen and engage in your message.

✅ Become a sought-after Clinical Practitioner speaker and get INVITED TO SPEAK on podcasts, video shows and live stages (even if you are not natural at speaking).

✅ Create a messaging to avoid becoming salesy but instead, build a relationship to your target audience.

✅ Identify effective and valuable media platforms to connect and engage with your target audience.


✅ Get the scoop on the most effective platforms, messaging secrets, and an introduction to our Bold and Booked program during our VIP Day.

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