Nikita Williams
Business Confidence Coach.
This is one of those kick off your shoes, sit on the floor and hang out with your girls kinda chat! Watch as these powerhouse women talk about Nikita's incredible journey into aromatherapy and the results

Chronic illness can't stop you from having a joyful and profitable business. Nikita helps her clients navigate chronic conditions and business building.

Nikita Williams is an award-winning Business and Mindset coach, Certified Professional Aromatherapist, speaker, and host of the top-ranking global podcast Crafted to Thrive. She’s been featured on Rising Tide, The Jasmine Star Show, Next Level Leap with Laura Meyer, and The Simplifiers Podcast. She was diagnosed with Endometriosis in 2009 and Fibromyalgia in 2010. These diagnoses inspired her to use her previous entrepreneur, community, and corporate experience to jump-start her career as a business coach. She aims to help all entrepreneur women—especially those with chronic illnesses— share their stories and empower them to use their stories as fuel so they can be successful, create the life they deserve, and, most importantly, thrive.

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