Blending Essential Oils the Dropsmart Way

Reconstructing Ravintsara with Melani and Dropsmart

Melani Kovack
Dropsmart's Founder developed an essential method that enables Aromatherapists of any educational background to instantly enhance their expertise. The innovative Dropsmart platform allows users to reconstruct blends, swiftly find alternative oils for therapeutic purposes, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the effectiveness of specific oils or blends. Moreover, the platform is enriched with credible research, bridging any knowledge gaps. Dropsmart is an indispensable tool for every dedicated Aromatherapist.

Delivering blending freedom, credibility and deeper understanding to plant based practitioners.

Melani Kovac is a globally recognized essential oil expert. She helps aromatherapists master essential oils so they can create better, more efficient and creative results, products and services. Aromatherapists from over 80 different countries worldwide use her authentic methodology and tools. She organizes and supports various aromatherapy projects and collaborates with colleagues, non-profit organizations, homes for the elderly, hospitals, universities, etc.
Because of her dynamic aromatherapy path, Melani is regularly invited to share her knowledge at international conferences, summits, aromatherapy associations, schools, and universities. She is best known for simplifying complex essential oil chemistry and high-level essential oil formulating with her methods and revolutionary tool Dropsmart.

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