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Become The Speaker They Can't Stop Listening To!

30-Days to Confident Speaking
for Service-Based Businesses

In just 30 days see some real changes in your business.
Your words about your business will flow as easily as your thoughts.

Learn the Power of Positive Persuasion, Captivating Audiences, and Forging Lasting Connections you

Strong Communication Skills for The Competitive Edge

Our online training meticulously guides you through the nuances of becoming a confident and impactful speaker, ensuring your message not only resonates but also inspires action.

In today’s competitive business landscape, strong communication skills are indispensable. Your ability to articulate ideas with clarity and persuasion distinguishes you, fostering connections and opening avenues for advancement. 

Boost Your Business on Multiple Platforms

Whether you're pitching to clients, engaging on social media, or leading webinars, speaking well means more conversions. It's that simple
Naturally Guide Ideal Clients to Your Offer

Ensure A Lasting Brand

Through speaking your business stands out and stays relevant. With effective communication, you'll attract loyal clients who believe in what you do.
Build a Loyal Following That Leads to More Clients and Referrals

Raise Your Professional Profile

As your speaking skills grow, so does your reputation. Get ready for more opportunities to share your expertise and expand your brand.
Watch Passive Listeners Turn into Active Participants, Eager to Engage with Your Message and Take Action

"Great speaking is not just about conveying information; it's about igniting inspiration, fostering connection, and driving action. In business, it is the catalyst for growth, the fuel for innovation, and the cornerstone of success."

Course Highlights

Being magnetic for any personality type with any audience

Learn how your natural characteristics can be tailored to engage your audience, making every interaction memorable.

Speaking strategies to become and ideal podcast host or influential guest

Gain the skills needed for captivating hosting and guest appearances on podcasts, ensuring your voice leaves a lasting impression.

Confident speaking for expressing professional worth and increasing pricing

Recognize how confident speaking can positively influence your pricing and positioning in the marketplace.

See Real Results In How You Communicate & Experience The Impact

Loyalty & Referrals

Happy clients talk. By connecting genuinely and speaking confidently, you'll turn clients into your biggest fans, who'll spread the word far and wide.

Personal & Professional Growth

This isn't just about business. It's about becoming a more confident, capable communicator in every aspect of your life

Podcasting Proficiency

The podcast strategy that helps for hosts and guests speakers expand get maximum results for their effort

Sell Without Selling

Techniques to make your call to actions and sales conversations feel like a day out with your bestie

Meet the Founder Behind The Aromaspecialists,
The Secret Weapon Behind Countless Polished Speakers

Hi! I’m Renée Hughes. As a content and messaging expert I’ve trained over 400 holistic professionals to speak and write about their business in a way that attracts media attention, collaborative partnerships and quality clients.
As a certified natural health consultant and psycho-aromatherapist, I know what it takes to run a thriving practice and school even with uncertain economic conditions. And, I’m excited to share what I’ve learned in our groups, classes and programs.
Welcome to 30-Days To Confident Speaking!

1st Black Owned School Combining Aromatherapy & Holistic Practice Building

Ready To Enjoy Speaking About Your Business?

30 Days to Confident Speaking
$ 197
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  • Become The Speaker They Can't Stop Listening To Video
  • 30 Days to A Confident Speaker Videos
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  • Submit a clip (up to 10 mins) for expert speaking tips.
  • Secure a prestigious speaking slot at one of our events or summits, or feature on our dynamic video podcast.
  • Receive a curated list of 20 amazing speaking opportunities ready for immediate application.
  • Access our expertly crafted Media Bio template

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Get Exclusive Incentives:

Spotlight On You

Secure a prestigious speaking slot at one of our events or summits, or feature on our dynamic video podcast. Your voice deserves to be heard!

Media Contact List

Receive a curated list of 20 amazing speaking opportunities and contacts.A great start to finding your own speaking gigs.

Media Bio Mastery

Access our expertly crafted Media Bio template to effortlessly create a captivating biography. Showcase your expertise and personality with a professionally designed bio that leaves a lasting impression.


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