Kick Start Your Holistic Career

6-Week Program

Our Kick Start program is perfect for new and established entrepreneurs with a new offer. It is also the perfect pre-requisite to Holistic Champions full program. During these 6 weeks, you will become clear and confident regarding your holistic expertise and audience.


Uncover Your Zone of Genius

In week 1 you'll begin to uncover your true zone of genius. What sets you apart in your industry that will attract your ideal audience...again and again.


Clearly Identify your REAL Dream Client

Learn how to make sure that you’ve chosen the right target market for yourself. In order to have a joyful and impactful business it is imperative to be working with the right people. We will get you there in week 2!


Develop a magnetic “Help" Statement

Your value proposition statement or "I help" statement lets the public know why they should be coming to you. To be effective it has to be very specific and clear. In week 3 you'll perfect your statement to the world.


Mindset & Capacity

Understanding the role of emotional connection and alignment within your business will help you to get excited about building and filling your practice or course. We'll go deep in week 4 so that your brain and heart are in joyous alignment.


Intentional Building

Week 5 gets you crystal clear and focused in your business. You'll clarify and optimize your mission statement and plan of action so that you can speak with certainty and clarity as you represent your brand.


Wrap Up Powerfully

In your final week we'll wrap up any outstanding assignments from your quick-start program. Week 6 Is all about getting questions answered and ensuring you have what you need to move into the full Holistic Champions program.

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At the end of this course you'll be able to:

1. Clearly identify your REAL ideal audience – 80% of holistic professionals are targeting an audience that is not actually ideal for what they are passionate about

2. Be certain about your speciality and what your practice or course focus will be

3. Speak confidently about your business to prospects as you clearly state your value proposition

4. Complete your mission statement with new understanding of your holistic path as a professional

5. Get emotionally connected to your business goals in a way that naturally propels you forward with imperfect action while still maintaining balance and joy in the more important things of your life

Note: This program also entitles you to $500 off once you transition to the full Holistic Champions Practice Building Program. 


The kickstart program is for those who are newer to business, who are earning below-average per month, and who want to get a real solid foundation in their business.

For information on how it differs from the Holistic Champions International School of Aromatherapy and Practice Building please see this video

No. The kickstart program stands on its own. You are not under obligation to join the Holistic Champions International School of Aromatherapy and Practice Building upon completion of this course. Note, however, that it is designed to be a prerequisite to the full program.

This course is for 6 power-packed weeks that will kickstart your holistic career. 

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