The Holistic Champions Essential Oils Certification & Marketing Program

This course is for professionals ready to expertly integrate essential oils into their practice.

You’re a talented coach. But your revenue doesn't reflect it.

The Holistic Champions school empowers students to change lives with aromatherapy.

Ideal for wellness professionals like -therapists, coaches, and holistic health experts—whose established businesses aren’t demonstrating the revenue they deserve. Health experts who want to set themselves apart from their competitors . . . and in doing so, draw in their ideal, high-quality clients. 

We teach wellness professionals like you to skilfully integrate essential oils into your practice, show up as an expert, and love what you do—a special combination of tools that brings high-ticket, low-drama clients to your programs over and over and over again.

This school is perfect for you if you want to-
  • Want to become a Certified Aromatherapist or Essential Oils Specialist
  • Enhance the service you provide to clients using AROMATHERAPY 
  • ATTRACT the clients who light up your life and see VALUE in your product, coaching or program
  • Go from sales person to respected consultant and educator
  • Create greater impact in your holistic coaching business and work with clients you LOVE
  • Learn our method for creating high ticket launches with every program

Why Essential Oils?

Essential oils have become mainstream and are in most homes around the world. Unfortunately, along with the DIY essential oils movement have come a great deal of inaccurate and unsafe practices. If you are going to talk about essential oils in your business, it is imperative to understand a bit about chemistry and how the oils effect the various systems of the body.

We cover a deep dive of 20 essential oils, essential oils chemistry, anatomy and physiology and so much more in this 6-month program.

What's Included


Total Hours study, implementation workshops and practical labs


Become an expert on using these 20 essential oils in your holistic practice

Level 1 and 2

Instructor is Certified Aromatherapist accredited by NAHA and AIA


Course Includes Comprehensive Lessons


You will complete 5 case studies with personalized support with each participant

Scale Your Business

Research, Practical Hours and Speaking Engagements

Your Instructor

As a certified professional aromatherapist and natural health consultant, I've helped hundreds of professionals learn and implement the power of essential oils.

I designed the Holistic Champions school to educate and support wellness professionals in 3 very specific ways. To help them integrate essential oils into their practice as experts, to customize their program to optimize client results and to leverage education and genuine connection as the means to attract their ideal audience.

Renèe Hughes

-Your Instructor

Full course Outline

Certification Lessons

In this section you will learn how to become an Essential Oils Expert and get your Certification as an Essential Oils Specialist or Professional Aromatherapist

Lesson 1

The World of Aromatherapy

-Welcome Message, Best Practices, Introduction of Aromatherapy, History of Aromatherapy, Ancient Uses of Essential Oils Through the Centuries

Lesson 2

 How Essential Oils Enter the Body

-Focus on Inhalation and Topical Use, How Essential Oils Get Into the Bloodstream, The Effect on Respiratory System, Safety Considerations

Lesson 3

Becoming an Expert on 20 Essential Oils

Instruction on Chemical Families, Chemical Constituents, Therapeutic and Energetic Properties of:

Anise, Bergamot, Lavender, Tea Tree, Cedarwood, Cardamom, Roman Chamomile, German Chamomile, Clary Sage, Clove Bud, Eucalyptus Globulus, Geranium, Helichrysum, Jasmine Absolute, Juniper Berry, Marjoram (Sweet), Melissa, Myrrh, Patchouli, Neroli

Lesson 4

 Basic Chemistry

Elements and Compounds, The Basics and Importance of Chemistry, Atom as the Smallest Unit of Element, Familiarization of Periodic Table of Elements, More of Bonds (Double and Triple Bonds), Molecule Diagram

Lesson 5

Ethics and FDA Guidelines

Ethical Standards as an Aromatherapist, The Do’s and Don’ts; FDA Guidelines, Product Labeling Guidelines; Scope of Aromatherapy + PDF

Lesson 6

Antiemetic Essential Oils

What is Nausea, it’s causes and Symptoms; Essential Oils Inhalation for Reducing Nausea. Nausea Recipe Blends

Lesson 7

Blending with Ease and Confidence

Therapeutic Properties of Essential Oils. Energetic Properties of Essential Oils. Safety Considerations. How intuition plays a role in your career as an Aromatherapist. Neat VS Diluted. Percent Dilution for Specific Concerns. Chart of Drops for Dilution. Synergy. Blending By Chemical Family and Chemical Components; Carrier Oils.

Lesson 8

Chemical Families

The Chemical Families of Essential Oils. Introduction to Monoterpenes, Esters, Sesquiterpenes and Monoterpenols including therapeutic properties and safety concerns 

Lesson 9

Anatomy and Physiology

Human’s Physical Structure. What is a Bone and Its Function. Introduction to a Synovial Joints.  Cartilage Tendons and Ligaments.  Diagrams. Introduction to Muscles. The Importance of a Healthy Nervous System. 

Lesson 10

Central and Peripheral Nervous System

The Major Components and Functions of the Central Nervous System. The Complexity and Division of Brain. Limbic System.  The Spinal Cord and Its Function.  Peripheral Nervous System. Difference between Conscious and Unconscious Systems. Difference between Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems.

Marketing Lessons

In this section you will learn how to understand and simplify your sales funnel.  Learn how to masterfully use education to attract your ideal clients again and again.

Anatomy of a Sales funnel

Learn how to build an efficient sales funnel that will help you grow your business


Get suggestions on how to create effective social media that will attract more clients, even if you have a very small social network


Gain insight on how to successfully promote your workshops, masterclasses and webinars


Learn how to have conversations, on various social media platforms, about  essential oils and give them value


Acquire tips on how to design an exceptional sales page


See how to grow your following and have your customer base ready for ordering or enrollment in your program


Learn how to attract and connect with your ideal clients through effective public speaking 


Learn how to set up a group coaching program and the things to consider before doing so

Get motivation and perspective to grow your business and finally become a sought after coach

Tuition and Payments

Holistic Champions
Full Program

Minimum 6 month commitment
$ 3297
6 months
  • Access to the online EO and Marketing Classroom​
  • Weekly Group Coaching
  • Implementation and Messaging Lab Sessions
  • 3 'Done For You' Tech Sessions
  • 5 Essential Oils Masterclass
  • 7 Day Emotional Cleanse
  • 5 Day Mood Makeover Workshop ​

Holistic Champions
(VIP Upgrade)

Minimum 6 month commitment
$ 4997
6 months
  • (6) 1:1 sessions
  • Access to the online EO and Marketing Classroom
  • Weekly Group Coaching
  • Implementation and Messaging Lab Sessions
  • 3 'Done For You' Tech Sessions
  • The 5 Essential Oils Masterclass
  • The 7 Day Emotional Cleanse
  • 5 Day Mood Makeover Workshop

Policies and Procedures

The investment for the entire 6-month program varies depending on whether you want 1:1 sessions included in your package. This package is $4997 when paid in full. We also offer payment arrangements $867/m for 6 months. For the package that does not include 1:1 sessions, this is $3297 when you pay in full or $583/m for 6 months for payment arrangements.

You’ll get six (6) 1:1 sessions in our Zoom room for the VIP Upgrade program. You may get additional sessions depending on whether you qualify for bonuses or not.

Yes, you may make 6 payments of $583 or $867 depending on the package you choose. Also, certification cannot be issued if all 6 payments have not been completed.

You will be able to speak with authority and confidence as you talk to your clients about essential oils. You will be able to keep your family and clients safe and get better therapeutic results. You will have knowledge and practical experience that will make you a true and genuine essential oils professional. We need more professionals in this field and less enthusiasts. You will have the facts and know how to implement them.

Although you may cancel at any time. No, we do not offer refunds. This program is a 6 month commitment for all those paying in full or who are on payment plans.

It is recommended that each student purchases the 20 essential oils that will be studied in the class. Please choose an essential oil that is wild harvested or organic. We can recommend several companies that meet our requirement for quality. However, if you have high quality essential oils , this is all you will need to complete the course. 

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