The Holistic Champions International School of Aromatherapy and Practice Building

Psychologist & Therapist

Perfect for licensed professionals who want to start a coaching practice. Your attorney will help you through the legal steps of separating your licensed and coaching practice, we will help you create a holistic practice full of clients you adore.


Enhance your coaching practice with aromatherapy. Perfect for Business, Mindset, Life, Health, Fitness and Tapping Coaches as your clients will experience profound transformations as we help you integrate aromatherapy into your existing practice.   

Natural Products Shop

Entrepreneurs selling homemade natural products (e.g. soap, natural cleansers & natural skin and hair care products) and looking to ensure their products have a therapeutic effect. 

Essential Oils–Based Business Owner

Essential oil brand reps who want specialized certification to support the growth of their teams and increase results for their clients, customers, and members safely and effectively.      

Fitness or Dance Studio Owner

Fill your studio with essential oils and upgrade the experience of your students. They will be relaxed, motivated and excited in your class. The effect of essential oils on CNS may be just what you need to set your studio apart from the rest. We’ll also help you fill your classes with ideal clients.

Emotional Support Counselor

Integrating essential oils into your practice results in full-spectrum holistic benefits. Supporting your clients ease into PNS and Vagus nerve support will make your support group the place to come to be in the communities you serve.

I was hesitant to join because of money…Now I am super happy and excited, the program has been much more than I expected! I’m now launching my new program Happy Curls Academy

Michelle Blackwell

Natural and Skin Care Professional, Happy Curls Academy

I can see how much she wants me to succeed…there are no programs out there like this that combine essential oils education with this level of sales funnel and organic marketing training.

Dania Sanon

Certified Aromatherapist Hormonal Balance Coach, She Flows Aromatic

Holistic Champions
Aromatherapy Certification Course

6 Month Access
$ 2400
6 months
  • Weekly Live Aromatherapy Class
  • Access to the online Aromatherapy Classroom​
  • Case Study Review and Feedback
  • Aromaspecialist Essential Oils Database
  • Aromatherapist & Essential Oil Specialist Certification
  • Mindset Videos
  • Access to Private Facebook Group

Get a Sneak Peek Into Our Program

After the workshop I realized I could not just walk away and go back to normal life. I had to join this program. I am blown away with Renèe’s teaching. SUPER excited that I joined this program.

LeeApril Burton

Certified Essential Oils & Pain Management Specialist, Composed Warriors Roots of Relief


We meet once a week for live Aromatherapy sessions where you can get support as you go through the aromatherapy certification lessons. These classes will broaden your knowledge of aromatherapy and give you ideas on integration.

Pass all exams at 85% or higher. Complete case studies and submit documentation. For Aromatherapy certification, a detailed Research Paper is an additional requirement. Complete payment in full.

As an Essential Oils Specialist and/or Aromatherapist, you will be able to speak with authority and confidence as you talk to your clients about essential oils. You will be able to keep your family and clients safe and get better therapeutic results. You will have knowledge and practical experience that will make you a true and genuine essential oils professional. We need more certified professionals in aromatherapy to save and protect our communities from improper use which could lead to sickness or worse. This education will support you to become a sought after professional for essential oil usage and you’ll be ready for it!

No we do not offer refunds. This program is a 6 month commitment for all those who join. 

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