Master Your Mood, Message & Microphone

Holistic Champions Mastery Mentorship Program

Consider this your last “coaching” program! As you master speaking, messaging and legacy offers. Succeed at the work of your dreams.

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Why Choose Mastery?

We are your Mastery Business Partners

This partnership results in a transformation for your business so that your messaging and mission inspires and moves others to action. And, your speaking gets you in front of the right audience again and again.

What Will I Get?

Bold & Booked

$ 12.2K
  • Pay in full discount for Bold & Booked participants gives you over 55% discount on the value of this program

Bold & Booked
Payment Plan

$ 3.8K
  • Get started with just 3.8k! You'll pay quarterly for a total of 4 payments. If you want a payment plan, this is it!

Choose Your Bonus

When you join us before 4 March 2023 (midnight EDT), you’ll choose ONE of these bonuses:

  • 1 x VIP session – for extra hands-on support for all things ‘marketing funnel’. Basically, simplifying your processes while nailing your messaging will save you blood, sweat & tears (this is gold, especially when you need more time with & guidance from me)
  • Branding review – with awesome messaging & speaking comes a whole new look. Get our advice on styles, fonts & colors for a striking, powerful & just-so-you brand.
  • Social media boost – take the fuss out of hours spent designing posts. Get 30 evergreen templates for a consistently attractive virtual presence.

More Comments from our Mastery Clients


We’ve designed it in a very specific way where the focus is on IMPLEMENTATION

The power behind a program like this is that you take what you learn and put to use in real-time.

So we’ll be building on skills, knowledge & systems together, step by step through immediate ACTION.  

We’ll meet monthly & quarterly to hone in on certain topics, and you’ll have weekly accountability sessions with your business manager – but otherwise, with our guidance you’re using your time productively to IMPLEMENT what you’ve learnt & transform your business.

No time is being wasted.

You’re not being held back from doing what needs to be done.


Nor will you be caught in that trap of “only learning mode” where nothing is put into practice.


This is not 12 months of listening, digesting & studying for hours on end. 


This is 12 months of actively transforming your business, facet by facet, through the power of mastering your mood, messaging & microphone. 


Your business will be a completely different creature when you pop out the other end. (And you might just be different too! High fives for personal development!) 


Quite simply, this is an opportunity for you to stabilise & amplify your business…WITH our team guiding you, pushing you & keeping you on track (because doing it alone just takes up even MORE time!)


Aromatherapists & holistic specialists of all levels & experience join us. 

And no two are identical. 

There’s no copy-and-paste solution for everyone. 

We’re totally open to tailoring parts of the program so that it’s the best fit for you + your goals.


Because there’s no value in pouring time & energy into something that won’t take you forward! 

there’s no such thing as being ready for a step in a new direction, or a life-changing decision, or a rare opportunity. 

Think about it like this.

When you were about to get married, or change your career, or have your first child, or move countries…were you really, 100%, undoubtedly, absolutely READY?

Without a SINGLE second of hesitation, worry or doubt?

But when you took that first step – or plunged right in – you realized that the idea of being ready was totally IRRELEVANT!

So, my point is this…

…waiting to get your ducks in a row before giving yourself the gift of creating the business (and life) you love isn’t doing anyone any favors.  

You don’t need to be “ready” – you need to be open! 

I believe that everyone has something unique to offer…even within the same zone of expertise.

Let’s say that you and another both offer ways to help people suffering from fibromyalgia manage their pain & mental health through aromatherapy.

It might appear to be the same offering…but it’s HIGHLY unlikely. 


Because YOU as a person are completely different to the next. 

Your past experience, personality, current skills and way of seeing the world are unique to you. 

With powerful speaking & messaging not only will you stand out, but you’ll get AHEAD of your competition.

We work with people just like you! 

They’re already established, their name is out there and they’ve got their own schools.

Do you have the one tiny problem that others have?

Making too little money out of all that effort, and working with people who don’t exactly light them up inside. 

And that tiny problem is actually quite a big one. 

Sure, they’re churning out content, getting in front of the camera whenever they can…but that’s an awful lot of time & energy for little return.

So what’s the missing link?

It’s speaking & messaging. 

You can create content & talk to a camera or an audience until you’re blue in the face…but if you’re not able to move your listeners TO ACTION…it’s kind of a waste. 

Without connecting emotionally, without being absolutely clear on your offer, and without showing the value of investing in you + your service…

…those dream clients won’t knock at your door. 

And you’ll be left wondering why it’s so hard to make the impact you want to make. 

So, please don’t gloss over the connection between mastering speaking & messaging, and being the holistic specialist you should be.

 I do know that sometimes crazy things happen in life, and maybe you need to pause the program.

If that’s the case, and you suspect you’ll be MIA for 30 days or more, you can pause & we’ll extend your end date for up to 6 months. 

Just to be super clear, the payments won’t pause (if you choose a payment option), but you can start back up when you’re ready, and you’ll still get your full 12 months of mentorship. 

On the other hand, if you get started and within 30 days you feel that it’s just not for you, we encourage you to reach out to discuss exactly what’s working, and what isn’t.

The program isn’t cast in stone. 

We know that no two people are alike, and some tweaking & adjusting goes a long way! 

We believe in making the program work for YOU, not you working against the program to fight your way through. 

No. Sometimes fear can pop up after we’ve invested in ourselves. We help you work through this. We know that our system works. Its a proven system and not guess work. We’ve also put in place  a 30 day guarantee. If after within the first 30 days you have a change of heart and feel you need something different, an additional customization of the program will be done so that you get exactly what you need. That customization will be within the scope of work done at The Aromaspecialists. 

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