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 What is Regenerative Herbalism?

Tips and Techniques to Help You Design Your Regenerative Herb and Aromatherapy Garden

Food and Medicine Independence – Permaculture as a Way of Life

Denise Cusack
Clinical Herbalist/Certified Aromatherapist/Certified Permaculture Designer brings her expertise to the herbs and oils industry giving us food and medicine independence and the ability to totally upgrade our holistic businesses

Multi-talented Denise focuses her expertise on Permaculture and moving industry, communities and families forward toward food and medicine independence.

Denise Cusack is a clinical herbalist, certified aromatherapist, and a certified permaculture designer, with over 20 years of experience in the natural health and wellness community. Denise has a passion for sustainability, community building, plant conservation, mutual aid, art, regenerative practices, seed saving, and collaborative environments.  Denise loves teaching people how to grow their own food and medicine using permaculture and regenerative practices. 

Denise has volunteered with Herbalists Without Borders since 2017, integrating herbalism, aromatherapy, community service, mutual aid, and regenerative permaculture practices into community outreach and serving the underserved.She also manages the HWB US Donation Distribution Network, grows herbs for free clinics, and is the Editor of Without Borders Magazine. She sits on the board of Herbalists Without Borders and Lilium Initiative. 

In her spare time, Denise grows hundreds of varieties medicinal herbs and food plants at her family home, Wholly Rooted Permaculture Education and Regenerative Herb Farm (a UpS Botanical Sanctuary), stewards at-risk medicinals, spends time with her amazing family, bakes bread from scratch, digs in the dirt, sings loudly, creates a lot of art, and is always working in the garden.

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