With every step you take towards building a successful career in the wellness industry, you are breaking new bounds.

Your hard work and dedication have already brought you this far, and the opportunities ahead are limitless.

Let your passion for clinical holistic health guide you towards finding new ways to expand your reach and influence.

Unlock Your Full Potential NOW!

September 11th - 14th, 2023 VIP Day: September 15th, 2023

Available Times: 9:30 am - 11:30 am EST or 2:00 pm- 4:00 pm EST

Get ready to unleash your inner speaker and expand your circle of influence!
Let's dive into the amazing things you will practice:

Be CLEAR on what your CURRENT Audience Wants
so that you can...

Speak Intelligently About Their Needs

Get comfortable & Clear on your Pricing and Finally...

Enjoy Sales Conversations

Elevate Your Messaging
and discover how you can...

Move Audience To Action When You Speak

Step up to the mic
in a way that allows you to...

Enroll More Clients Who Are Ready To Work With You

Move hearts and minds when you speak
to create transformation and...

Get More Invitations To Speak

Advance your mood and mindset
and be ready to create...

Valuable Partnerships and Referral Opportunties

Welcome to the world of limitless possibilities! I am Renèe Hughes, a successful part-time, 6-figure Aromatherapist & Holistic Mentor

I believe in your potential to make a difference in the world. You have a valuable message to offer, and I am here to help you express it on more stages. As you share your gifts with the world, you will inspire and touch the lives of many more people. You have the power to create a joyful and fulfilling life, and with my guidance, you will quickly become confident and boldly booked! Embrace your inner light and step into your brilliance today. Together, we will advance your message and unleash your legacy!

General Admission

Bold & Book Challenge
$ 57
  • In 4 days you'll speak and write about your business in new and excitng ways. You'll attract new clients and students and build referral partnerships.

VIP Upgrade

Bold & Booked Challenge
$ 157
  • Enjoy general admission plus specialized media training. Messaging for your media bio. Learn our system for getting the attention of media, access to media contacts and podcasters .

Become The Speaker They Can't Stop Listening To!

In every heart lies a spark of leadership waiting to be kindled. Your voice has the power to set it ablaze. Master the art of public speaking and move your audience to take action towards greatness. Your words can create a ripple effect that ignites change in the world. Whether you’re addressing a small group or a large crowd, whether it’s virtual or in person, let your message resonate and leave an indelible impression on your listeners. Speaking is not just about communication, it’s about making a difference. Embrace the power of speaking and witness your business grow beyond what you ever imagined possible. The world is waiting for your voice.

Here's what our Bold and Booked Participants say...


Are you a clinical aromatherapist or a holistic coach, consultant, or course creator? If so, get ready to elevate your expertise and captivate your audience with this exclusive challenge! This challenge will not only equip you with essential skills but also inspire and motivate you to reach new heights.  Remember, the world needs your unique talents and knowledge, so let’s work together to make your mark and transform lives!

The training will be held on September 11-14, 2023 for General Admission and September 15th for VIP.

Times are:
9:30am-11:30am EST each day


2:00 pm-4:00 pm EST each day

You can choose when purchasing which time is more convenient for you.

It’s your home, office, wherever you are! This event is entirely online.

No. While the sessions will be recorded, it will not be provided to attendees.

We encourage you to make every effort to attend each session! This is priceless time to work on your business. You’ll want to be in a place to be fully engaged for each day of the challenge. It will be worth the time investment, we promise!

Nope! Trust that each session is going to be valuable. We want you to be part of every session because each one builds upon the other.  

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