For Clinical Holistic Practitioners & Coaches:

Learn the Art of Coaching and Creating Client Transformations... in only 90-mins!

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In this video training, you'll:

🌸 Learn the Requirements Needed Before You Can Become An Effective Coach
🌸Become very Confident in Your Client Results When You Enter a Group or 1:1 Session
🌸Learn How to Take Care of The Whole Person While Staying Within Your Specialty
🌸Develop or Improve your Current Client ‘Journey to transformation’ System
🌸Learn When To Take Step Back In Your Coaching Program
🌸 Become a More Effective Coach Making Drastic Improvements In Client Transformations
🌸Learn Effective Coaching IMPORTANT Do’s and Dont’s
🌸Learn About The Important Reminders To Give Your Clients Regularly
🌸Coaching Session Objectives​
🌸Get an Opportunity to Get A Plan of Action Call And an Invitation to Attend Our Upcoming Signature LIVE Bold and Booked Event

I’ll help you touch the lives of more people by showing you how to express your message on more stages. As your audience experiences your gifts and transform, you’ll find yourself Bold & Joyfully Booked in no time!

6-figure Aromatherapist, Holistic Coach Mentor and Psycho- Aromatherapy Specialist

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