Become A

Certified Professional Aromatherapist

And Simultaneously Build An

Impactful Brand

The Holistic Champions International School is a unique experience. As students become professional aromatherapists they go from receiving certification to teaching aromatherapy and building a notable brand.

Before we get into the details of the program, lets talk about who it’s really for…

Which one are you?

Psychologist & Therapist

Perfect for licensed professionals who want to start a coaching practice. Your attorney will help you through the legal steps of separating your licensed and coaching practice, we will help you create a holistic practice full of clients you adore.


Enhance your coaching practice with aromatherapy. Perfect for Business, Mindset, Life, Health, Fitness and Tapping Coaches as your clients will experience profound transformations as we help you integrate aromatherapy into your existing practice.   

Natural Products Shop

Entrepreneurs selling homemade natural products (e.g. soap, natural cleansers & natural skin and hair care products) and looking to ensure their products have a therapeutic effect. 

Essential Oils–Based Business Owner

Essential oil brand reps who want specialized certification to support the growth of their teams and increase results for their clients, customers, and members safely and effectively.      

Fitness or Dance Studio Owner

Fill your studio with essential oils and upgrade the experience of your students. They will be relaxed, motivated and excited in your class. The effect of essential oils on CNS may be just what you need to set your studio apart from the rest. We’ll also help you fill your classes with ideal clients.

Emotional Support Counselor

Integrating essential oils into your practice results in full-spectrum holistic benefits. Supporting your clients ease into PNS and Vagus nerve support will make your support group the place to come to be in the communities you serve.

Your Clients ARE Waiting!

Imagine waking up in the morning, having your quiet time to reset and reconnect. Then you go to your calendar and there it is full of dream clients. 

You have a group coaching session, some private clients and some speaking engagements all lined up for the week.

Instead of overwhelm, you feel joy. You love what you do so much it hardly feels like work. But, your bank account tells you, you are in fact working. On top of that, you are earning more than you ever have.

Referrals are plenty. You now have the luxury of saying no to clients who are not ideal. As you now only have space for the ones you really can’t wait to work with. You feel FULLsatisfied and deeply grateful.

This is exactly what it feels like to have a profitable, joyful coaching practice. If you are ready to put in the work, you are just steps away from this reality. Let’s get started!

By the End of This 6-Month Program

You Will...

Become an expert on 20 Essential Oils you can enhance your coaching practice with aromatherapy. Learn how to become an expert on 20 essential oils and the proper dosage, safety, therapeutic and energetic values of each oil. 

Become clear on your ideal client which will allow you to work with the right people and have a joyful and impactful business.

Become clear on messaging so you can talk about your signature offer in a way that is authentic, genuine, and attracts people to your signature offer.

Be proficient in chemistry– understanding the chemical makeup of oils, and their interactions with each other.

Understand essential oil pathology-How they work at an energetic and therapeutic level. Understand how essential oils work as a therapy.

Learn about Essential Oils’ safety and dosage- You will know how much should be used which will prevent misuse of essential oils and overexposure, which can provoke health issues and illnesses. You will know who can use which oils, how, and which ones can be used together based on each person’s unique conditions. You will have the confidence and knowledge to practice safely.

Receive a Certification from our accredited school to ensure you’re safe as you practice with your clients and give you the knowledge you need to practice at the professional level.

Become Certified As An Aromatherapist or Essential Oils Specialist 

We’ll teach you how to use aromatherapy in your existing coaching or holistic practice. You will be able to speak with authority and confidence as you talk to your clients about essential oils. You will be able to keep your family and clients safe and get better therapeutic results. You will have the knowledge and practical experience that will make you a true and genuine essential oils professional.

Business Building Classroom

You will receive access to our online classroom where you can move at your own pace you learn the skills needed to create your brand, market it and build a thriving, heartfelt business.

Enhanced Education with One-on-One Support        

Video module-only programs cannot provide everything that you need for YOUR unique business. Our personalized approach, allows you to get exactly what you need from both the education and coaching. This 6-month certification course is the best of both worlds where we will help you put the education into action in our monthly LIVE group classes.


Meet Renèe

Renee Hughes is a trailblazing 6-figure aromatherapist and holistic mentor who has shattered the myth that success in the clinical holistic industry requires endless hours and burnout. With a part-time work approach, Renee has not only achieved remarkable financial success but has also supported hundreds of practitioners through her masterclasses and workshops.

Renee herself is certified professional aromatherapist and natural health consultant and  understands the challenges that many clinical holistic practitioners face. Feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and unsure of how to effectively communicate their value. That’s why she is dedicated to showing clinical business owners that a thriving business and personal well-being can coexist harmoniously.

More than just a messaging and copy expert, Renèe guides her clients to find their own unique writing and speaking superpowers for communication that deeply resonates with their ideal clients. From sales conversations to inspiring presentations she helps them expertly and confidently communicate their value.

As we embark on yet another year of Botanica Summits, The Aromaspecialists is honored to stand as an event sponsor, contributing to the ongoing legacy of excellence in aromatherapy and herbal therapeutics. 

Get a Sneak Peek Into Our Program

I was really able to dig deep into the science of essential oils to address lack of focus for my client…and give them exactly what they needed.”

Keosha Jones

Certified Essential Oils Specialist, Productivity Coach, Keosha's Pink Productivity Coaching

1st Black Owned School Combining Aromatherapy & Holistic Practice Building

Proud member of

Featured in

Are You Creating The Impact You Desire

If you are not coaching as many clients as you would like, we can help you expand your reach and results. 


“I feel more confident in my business and in using essential oils working with clients."

Dr. Sheila Johnson, Holistic Lifestyle Coach

When Shelia joined Holistic Champions she needed support on a signature offer for her clients, she now serves women holistically as they design a brand new lifestyle of health and joy beyond retirement.


“Thank you for everything, this has been a life-changing journey."

Janice Hagans- Higgins, M.Ed., LPCC-S

Janice came to us as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, and Licensed Practical Nurse. We helped her to move into coaching and expertly integrate aromatherapy for her clients dealing with trauma and brain injuries.  She was thrilled with the results as her clients experienced the most significant results to date!


What Can You Expect From Holistic Champions?

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See The Impact Our Students Are Creating 

Features of Our Program

  • Become an expert on 20 essential oils. Learn the proper dosage, safety, therapeutic and energetic values of each oil.

Lessons include:

The World of Aromatherapy- Learn the history of aromatherapy and how and how ancient civilizations used essential oils.

How Essential Oils Enter the Body- Gain insight into how essential oils enter the body, their effect on the respiratory system and important safety considerations.

Basic Chemistry- Learn the role chemistry plays in safely using essential oils.

Ethics and FDA Guidelines- Become acquainted with the ethical standards for aromatherapist.

Antiemetic Essential Oils- Learn about essential oils and blends that are great for reducing nausea.

Blending with Ease and Confidence- Dive into the therapeutic properties of essential oils and see how intuition plays a role in your career as an Aromatherapist.

Chemical Families- Familiarize yourself with the chemical families of essential oils. 

Anatomy and Physiology- See what effect essential oils have on the human structure and the central nervous system. 

  • Value $2,400

Done With You, You’ll learn:

  • A simple and effective approach to sales funnels so that you can create your 6 figure roadmap and stay sane
  • Written messaging techniques to inspire your audience to work with you
  • Visual messaging techniques that will make you magnetic to your dream clients
  • The Art of Public Speaking so you can learn how to attract and connect with your ideal clients through effective public speaking 
  • Organic social selling how to have conversations, on various social media platforms, about  essential oils and give them value
  • Tips on how to design an exceptional sales page
  •  how to successfully promote your workshops, masterclasses and webinars
  • How to grow your following and have your customer base ready for ordering or enrollment in your program
  • How you can get motivation and perspective to grow your business and finally become a sought after coach

Value $5,247

  • This session is designed to cultivate accountability and assistance as you progress through your certification requirements. It’s important to note that this is not a coaching session. Throughout these sessions, you’ll have the chance to:

    • Engage with lessons and complete exams
    • Tackle case studies
    • Pose technical or aromatherapy queries for our experts to address
    • Deliver presentations to fulfill your certification requirements

Value:$250 per class = $6,500

  • You will be assigned a coach to guide you through your case studies. Completing 4 visits (an initial visit with 3 follow-ups) with 5 case studies is required for certification. These case studies can easily become your new clients and they are an excellent way to start the integration process and the scaling of your business. Your case study manager will help you to create the right blends and communicate effectively with your participants.
  • Easy, searchable database to find therapeutic and energetic properties of over 80 essential oils

Holistic Champions International School of Aromatherapy and Practice Building

$ $2197
  • Aromatherapy Certification Course (self-paced)
  • Build Your Practice Classroom
  • Monthly LIVE Accountability Sessions
  • Case study managers
  • Access to Aromatherapy Database

Still Have Questions? 

 If you have any questions or hesitations regarding the program, please send us an email at or respond to the Video Ask chatbox on this page and you’ll get a prompt response from Renèe. 




The investment for the entire 6-month program varies depending on what you want to be included in your package. If you want an Aromatherapy Certification then The Holistic Champions International School of Aromatherapy and Practice Building is for you. This package is $2,197 USD when paid in full.

We also offer payment arrangements of $487 USD/month for 6 months for each package.

You get 1 Aromatherapy session per month.

Pass all exams at 85% or higher. Complete case studies and submit documentation. For the Aromatherapy Certification, a detailed research paper is an additional requirement. Complete payment in full.

Yes, you may make 6 payments of $487 USD for either package you choose. Also, certification cannot be issued if all 6 payments have not been completed.

As an Essential Oils Specialist and/or Aromatherapist, you will be able to speak with authority and confidence as you talk to your clients about essential oils. You will be able to keep your family and clients safe and get better therapeutic results. You will have knowledge and practical experience that will make you a true and genuine essential oils professional. We need more certified professionals in aromatherapy to save and protect our communities from improper use which could lead to sickness or worse. This education will support you to become a sought after professional for essential oil usage and you’ll be ready for it! Aromatherapy Certification can also open the doors to several career opportunities such as:
Aromatherapy Coach, Holistic Practitioner, Product Sales, Educator and Researcher.

No we do not offer refunds. This program is a 6 month commitment for all those paying in full or who are on payment plans.

We do however work closely with our students to ensure we do our part to provide an amazing experience for each student.

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